Monday, 30 March 2009

Bugging Me All Weekend

#1 - Bugging Me For 30 Minutes
Ottawa Erin and I were sitting having coffee talking about movies. We then remembered going to a movie together with Jerrica but not which movie it was. It took forever to figure it out and neither of us could remember. We thought we had never seen a serious movie together, only comedies, but we couldn't be sure. Even though the conversation went through many topics it kept coming back to what that movie had been. Finally I ended up using Erin's cell phone to call Jerrica and ask her. Turns out it was "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith, which was a serious movie.
Solution: Call Roommate

#2 - Bugging Me For 1 Week
I don't know how this came to mind but at one point last week I was talking about something and wanted to use this specific word for swearing. 'A swear word' can also be called something that starts with an 'e'. For the life of me I could not figure out what it was. If kept coming up every couple of days and I would try a whole bunch of options but none seemed right. 'Expolusitive' or 'explicitive' or 'expl-something.' This time Jerrica didn't know. I was ranting about it to her on the bus Saturday evening when the girl behind us said that it might be 'expletive' that I was looking for.
Solution: Stranger On Bus

#3 - Bugging Me For 6 Months
Since I heard the Jon Lajoie song 'Stay At Home Dad' I have know that it is a parody of heavy metal music. Strangely this is a genre that I know fairly well, from my brother and former boyfriends. Specifically it reminded me of a certain one but I could not figure it out!!

I eventually realised that it was the 'I take care of my children' part that was similar to a song that I remember from my old clubbing days at The Kingdom on The Edge Live To Air nights, way back. It was a perfect parody of something. I googled it the other day and after a few searches found someone mentioning that it reminded them of a RATM song. Took me a second to figure out that RATM is Rage Against The Machine and then I had to listen to a couple of their songs on YouTube to figure out which one. Turns out it is the 'Now you do what they told ya' part of their song "Killing In The Name" which was on their 1992 album.
Solution: Search The Internet

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Business Ethics

When Teri graduated she was offered a job at Capital One. It was a really awesome job with a salary that was out of this world. She however turned it down. She didn't want to work for a credit card company, especially one that relies so much on telemarketing and pop-up advertisements. While I think that I also have ethics connected to where I work, at the time I was shocked with Teri's choice as mine did not extend to condemning companies that use pop-ups. Tonight that has changed. I am angry! As I sit here writing my essay I am using as my thesaurus. The problem is that whenever I search a word I get a pop-up and that pop-up is for, you guessed it, Capital One. I don't know whether I should be mad at the credit card company for advertising in this way, though kudos to them for picking an intellectual and well used site to do it, or angry with the site itself for succumbing to selling pop-up ads to make money. I could also be mad at myself for not finding a better site to use. Either way, Teri was right, pop-ups are annoying and evil! I would not want to work for a company that uses them.

Change Of Season

Spring means...
Rain and sun and warm breezes
People out walking or playing in the streets
Sidewalks in The Glebe are even more packed on weekends
Subway gets extremely busy
Essays are due and exams are close by
Neighbours in their yards gardening and clearing out the leaves
Steph and Anna's birthdays
The temperature stays between 5 and 10 degrees
Lots of garbage shows up through the melting ice
A new drive to get in shape and lots of runners on the canal
Soon evenings will be spent sitting on patios

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Eng Guide To Cats

While my engineering days are slipping further and further into the past, I still find my self drawn to the industry. Specifically the humour, it is just my type of humour. Even more than ever before I am loving and keeping up with XKCD and Penny-Arcade comics. Also, as always, I'm in constant search of people who will play Settlers with me. I wish I could abandon these parts of my life and fully embrace the 'Artsy' I am now, but that really doesn't appear to be the case. Ottawa Erin sent me the following video, saying that I would love it. Well, of course she is right, it is awesome and hilarious. I wonder if she sent it because of the cats or because of the amazing combination of engineering and cats.

Usually I don't post so many videos. I had a similar statement below about posting so many pictures. I do mean to write more! As an 'Artsy' I should be more of a writer. Mind you the previous posted video got no comments despite me writing about it as well. This one however is about cats and judging from how many people loved that old post about Cora, I think that this will be appreciated by all. Enjoy!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Photo & Photoshop Addicted

Her Green Green Eyes
By Christine Sweeton
I know that my Media Photography class is pretty much over but it really revived my love of photography. I have arranged with Teri to do a photo shoot with her over Easter. Partly because I miss taking portraits of my friends but mainly because I don't have any nice or recent photos of her. The photo above is from a couple of months ago when I took a bunch of Kristen but I decided to photoshop it a bit this evening. I have now learned how to 'mask' which is opening up a lot of editing options for me, I still need to get better at 'layers' though. For a while I was posting photos so regularly Always Standing was starting to look almost like a Photo Blog, I liked it though, maybe that will continue for a while.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Different Grad

As those around me grow up, finish university, and move on with their big kid lives, I have been posting about their graduations. While my Little Brother Mike just had a graduation of sorts yesterday. (Original Photo by Steph Beach with Adjustments by Me.) But for Mike's grad, it is hard to post about because I don't really understand the details and I have no pictures and I have mixed feelings about the next chapter in his life. Basically he is now completed his full training for the Canadian Forces. He is going to be based in Edmonton and is driving out there in a few days. My parents went to see the ceremony at Gagetown, NB this week and are currently driving back to Ontario with him. I have talked to him a couple of times but still don't really understand what it means or what he is now. Private? Combat Engineer? Huh? The Army is still strange to me. Needless to say he has worked super hard for this and I am very proud of him. I love him so very much. 10-4

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Amazing Limerick

' = @ #
< . _ /
+ , -
I^ :
* ` ! ~ $
-------By Ximena A.

It is read as follows:
Apostrophe equals at hash,
Left chevron dot underscore slash.
Plus comma hyphen,
Pipe caret colon,
Asterisk tick bang tilde cash.
While, hyphen and colon don't quite rhyme. The exclamation mark is actually also known as 'bang' in a computing instead of language sense. I love this poem, I think it speaks to our highly computerized post-modern world.

Scary Tech

Anna was talking about this the other day and I didn't even believe her, or at least thought she was exaggerating. Turns out that she was not. This is an insane product!! While I think it is awesome and am excited for it to come out, I'm also scared by the idea of it. I don't have a cell phone so I think it will be a long long time before I ever own anything like this.

Off The Grid

I have been offline for a little while now. Alberta Erin was in town for work so I spent a couple of nights with her at her hotel downtown. I have come back to a whole pile of e-mails and Facebook messages. Of course, I want to do a small post instead of replying to them. I'm back though, back to the real world where the internet rules my life.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Long Game

Kristen and I just finished what is mathematically the longest Euchre game possible. I won! Before that though it was 9-9, we could not have played more rounds. We were also playing two-handed-Euchre, so I guess technically we could play an infinite number of rounds as we play that no points are awarded in the case of a tie (5 tricks each.) The 10-9 final score should have meant 19 rounds but actually we did have a number of tied rounds as well so it was much more. I enjoy two-handed-Euchre but I miss the regular kind with four people. Not many people I know in Ottawa know how to play though, and I hate teaching it. When I was younger teaching a new person Euchre was such a headache, no one could ever figure out the left and right bower thing. I guess my friends and I are older now and they would probably learn quicker, but I'm still not a patient enough person.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Invisible Communications Assistant

The Census of Canada does a census every 5 years. The next one is in 2011 and the last one was in 2006. I can remember it, I didn't do it. I gather this is illegal and they hounded me a bit trying to get me to fill out what ever it is you fill out so that I would be counted. I probably should do the next one, so that the world statistically knows who I am and that I exist. Canada's first census was initiated by Intendant Jean Talon in 1666. The census counted the colony's 3,215 inhabitants and recorded their age, sex, marital status and occupation. The first true national census of Canada was taken in 1871. The first British census was in 1801. In an 1881 British survey the population was asked to give their "rank, profession, or occupation." Here are some of the responses either entered by the subjects or by interviews.
-Teacher of wax flowers
-He play all day long
-Egg cracker
-Turnip shepherd
-Very feeble
-Proprietor of midgets
-Formally fat
-Knocker-up of workpeople
-Examiner of underclothing
All of those sound like way cooler answers than Communications Assistant. In hindsight I wish I had done the last census, I feel a bit like a bad citizen. Oh well, at least I vote and pay my taxes.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Bar Scene

This is how I feel about The Bar Scene when used as a Dating Scene. A quote from Superbad... "You don't wanna meet a chick at a bar, man. You gotta go spin class, a farmer's market, a pumpkin patch.....given the season."

Thursday, 19 March 2009

NOTE Media Photography - Slide Show

It turns out that I accidentally stole a photo for my slide show. I'm really glad that I posted it here before handing it in since my error was caught. (Not that the prof would know, but I try to keep a high level artistic ethics and integrity.) Turns out the photo of Teri was taken by Steph. I have since removed it in the original slide show that I'm handing in (and will be showing people on my computer so they can hear the music.) I replaced it with the photo on the right. This sadly means that Teri isn't in it anymore but I just don't have any pictures of her that I didn't use flash with. I'm not going to turn the corrected powerpoint into flash again because it takes so long.
NOTE: While watching the slide show below, all photo are taken by me except the black and white square one with the thin black frame, the one of Teri if you know what she looks like, as it was taken by STEPHANIE BEACH.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Media Photography - Slide Show

There is music that goes with this. It is all arranged to "Get A Little Help From My Friends" and I would like to say that it is arranged perfectly to the song. Slide change to the beat, it is pretty cool. Anyway the sound doesn't work and the pretty fade and wipe slide transitions I have didn't convert over either. Changing a powerpoint to a flash file was much harder than I thought, and I have given up trying. This will have to do. Next time you see me, ask to see it on my computer, I'm really proud of it and it is really nice with the music.

Stupid Spring Cold

I think I get one every year, a cold just as the weather is changing. The few days in Ottawa have been so nice, bright, sunny, warm. Everyone is out walking around and talking about spring. Then yesterday I get sick. At first I couldn't even figure out what it was the flu, a cold, something else. It totally wiped me out and I have been in bed sleeping for pretty much the last 48 hours. It has turned out to be a cold and my nose is running constantly. I need to get back to the real world tomorrow since I have missed all the work and school that I can really afford to right now. I don't really have any day-time cold medicine and I will have to pick some up tomorrow. It will be a rough day until I get it which probably won't be until after work and class.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jon Lajoie Lyrics

As mentioned in my post about Montreal, we went to see Jon Lajoie live. It was very good, very funny. Seriously if you haven't seen his stuff look it up on YouTube. The following are my favorite three sections of his songs. There is a bit of swearing and it is a little crude. His songs are sort of like that but also I think I just find those parts the funniest.

From "High As Fuck"
You ever eat a whole bag of crackers that were so old
That they weren't crispy anymore?
Have you ever been high... as fuck?
From "Show Me Your Genitals"
I can't have sex with your personality,
And I can't put my penis in your college degree,
And I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams,
So why're you sharing all this information with me?
From "Pop Song"
Cause all you gotta say is ohh baby I love you and girl I need you in my world
Cause they'll market this song to young impressionable and insecure teenage girls
Cause all they gotta do is find a sexually attractive man that can sing all the words
And now the token rap verse
That doesnt make any sense but helps to get a small percentage of the urban music market
Hey baby baby
I can tell that you are crazy crazy
Shake that ass girl
My rhymes are gettin lazy lazy
These things im talkin bout have nothin to do with the song baby
It doesnt matter wont you show me that thong baby

Monday, 16 March 2009

Media Photography - PR

Food Areas and Greenhouses
By Christine Sweeton

Feeding Off The Drama

I have been looking for this quote from the movie He's Just Not That Into You since I saw it last month. It finally showed up online. As I'm frantically writing an essay at the last minute (it is noon and I need to hand it in for 2:30pm) I thought that it was pretty appropriate.
Alex: Guys invented the spark so they could not call, and treat you kinda bad, and keep you guessing...and they convince you that, that anxiety and that fear that just develops naturally is actually just a spark. And you guys all buy it; you eat it up, and you love it. You love it because you feed off that, that drama. You all love that drama.
Gigi: I don't.
Alex: Oh, really? So never waited until the last minute on a deadline or a phone bill because secretly you kinda love the drama of not knowing whether you're going to make it?
We all love the drama and frankly I work better when I'm booking it to make a deadline. While actually lately I only work when I'm rushing to make a deadline.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Montreal Weekend

I spent this past weekend in Montreal. Jerrica and I went Thursday and were joined by Erin on Friday. It was a great trip
-Hung out with Yen, it is nice to still have a friendship with him even though he has moved away from Ottawa
-The apple juice at breakfast tasted strange, almost like cider
-I was chased by a big bird in the Rainforest section of The Biodome
-Montreal's bus station has way better security than Ottawa's
-There was a bathtub in the hotel room, used it four times in three days
-Jer and I wrote a list of which channels were English on the TV, manly watched the one that played movies most of which were from the '80s
-Slept on the bus ride there, drooled
-Jer got pretty drunk on Thursday night, I got very drunk on Saturday night
-The kitchen in our hotel room only had two forks, was missing a can opener, ended up being really hard to find one that worked
-Jon Lajoie is awesome live, if you haven't heard of him look the name up on YouTube, great stuff
-Jerrica's first try at snowboarding went way better than mine
-Montreal has some crazies and they liked to talk to us
-The hotel made us give them a $100 deposit
-Jer and Erin cooked two awesome dinners and I did the dishes
-We could have watched the penguins at The Biodome forever, we even made up soap opera stories about them
-Jerrica's snowboarding instructor was pretty hot
-Got to see some of Erin's India photo's
-Walked most places, only used the subway on the Saturday
-We couldn't find the Bible in our hotel room
-I did some jumping on my snowboard for the first time in a long time, got some serious inch to inch and a half air
-Didn't make it to Old Montreal
-I am still amazed at Jerrica's ability to cuddle up to hot celebrities
-The DJ at Club Tokyo would only play about 30 seconds of a song before switching it, I knew pretty much everything which was great

Media Photography - #9

Cheeky Monkey
By Christine Sweeton
(Thanks to Steph for her instruction on Photoshop)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

In Montreal

I'm spending a long weekend in Montreal. Even though we have internet in our suite-ass hotel room, I'm obviously not really spending alot of time blogging or on the computer. Too much to do, too much to see. I love this city.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Johnny Appleseed Day

Today (March 11th) is considered Johnny Appleseed Day, although it is sometimes said to be in September. All I know about Johnny Appleseed is the song and actually until I looked it up I couldn't really even remember the song just the end "Johnny-Appleseed---Almen." Johnny Appleseed is an American legend born John Chapman on Sept. 26, 1774. He spent most of his life along the Ohio River on horseback, in canoe, or on foot. The popular image of Johnny Appleseed is him spreading apple seeds randomly, everywhere he went. In fact, he planted nurseries rather than orchards, built fences around them to protect them from livestock, left the nurseries in the care of a neighbor who sold trees on shares, and returned every year or two to tend the nursery. He was also a missionary for the Church of the New Jerusalem, or Swedenborgian Church. It is based on the theological doctrines contained in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, who I have never heard of or know anything about. It turns out the song I know is actually a Swedenborgian Hymn. Here it is for those who have forgotten or never knew it: "Oh, the Lord is good to me and so I'll thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun, and the rain, and the appleseed. Oh, the Lord is good to me. Johnny Appleseed, Amen."

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Barbie's Birthday

Yesterday Barbie turned 50! I love Barbie and had tons of them when I was a kid. Actually, the full name of Barbie doll is “Barbie Millicent Roberts.” She is from Willows, Wisconsin and went to Willows High School. In 1945, Ruth and Elliot Handler formed Mattel. In 1957 Ruth conceived of a three dimensional adult-like doll, which is hilarious though I'm not surprised. The body is based on German doll called "Lilli" which was sold as a sex toy for men. Barbie had her debut on March 9th, 1959 at the American Toy Fair in NYC, 50 years ago. Barbie’s best friend, Midge was introduced in 1963. In 1964 Barbie got bendable knees. The "Twist and Turn" Barbie is released in 1967, with swivel waist and hips. In 1971, Barbies eyes looked straight ahead for the first time, older Barbies eyes looked slightly down and to the side. The first black and Hispanic Barbie dolls were introduced in 1980. Barbie doll got a belly button for the first time in 2000. In 1997, Share A Smile Becky was introduced with a wheelchair. In 2002 Barbie got a new multi-cultural friend, Kayla. In 2007 the average 3 to 10 year old girl in the U.S. owned eight Barbies. Every second at least three Barbies are purchased somewhere in the world. Barbie has been busy!! She has had more than 80 careers, everything from a rock star to a paleontologist. Barbie represented a candidate for President in 1992 and ran again in 2000 with a platform of opportunities for girls, educational excellence and animal rights. Ahead of her times perhaps, she ran in 2004 as a female African-American candidate. Barbie doll represented an astronaut in 1965, 1986 and 1994. Barbie’s first pet was a horse named Dancer. Since then she has had over 43 pets including 21 dogs, 14 horses, 3 ponies, 6 cats, a parrot, a chimpanzee, a panda, a lion cub, a giraffe and a zebra. Barbie has five sisters, Skipper, introduced in 1964, Tutti, a twin introduced in 1966, Stacie in 1992, Kelly in 1995 who I totally remember coming out "Barbie's new baby sister Kelly!" Most recently, her sister Krissy was introduced in 1999. Her boyfriend, Ken made his debut two years after Barbie in 1961. Over 1 billion fashions have been produced since 1959 for Barbie and her friends. She has had more than a billion pairs of shoes and over one hundred new additions to her wardrobe annually. Barbie’s collection of couture includes designs by Givenchy, Versace, Dolce & Gabana, Vera Wang and Gucci. The first Barbie sold for $3.00 though today an original 1959 Barbie doll in mint condition has sold for up to $10,000. The best selling Barbie ever was Totally Hair Barbie, with hair from the top of her head to her toes, which I never had but I think some of my friends did. If Barbie was human sized, she would stand 5 foot 6 inches tall, weigh 110 pounds, and have a 39 inch bust, 18 inch waist and 33 inch hips. Though in 1997, her waist thickened slightly.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Sore Muscles And Shattered Ideas

Over the past few years I have figured out that a steady combination of taking my medicine, working out, and having protein at breakfast will lead to some of the happiest and most productive days of my life. I have been good with my pills for a long time now but as usual I'm not very good about eating well or getting enough exercise. This weekend I went to work out at school with Anna. Before we left I had breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese on one half and nutella on the other. I consider this pretty much the best breakfast for me. I need the protein in the nutella to get my day going but I don't like nutella enough to have it on both sides. I was telling this to Anna when she informed me that there was probably more protein in the cream cheese. Turns out she was right, shattering my understanding about my perfect nutella protein breakfast. She then suggested that perhaps I need the sugar in the nutella, so I'm going to stick with this breakfast for a while longer since what ever it is, it seems to work well for me. We then went to the campus gym, which was awesome! I'm still sore from it but it was good. I learned a lot about free weights and hope to continue exercising on a regular bases. Weekends with Anna. Thursdays with Steph. Tuesday morning yoga. Soon I hope to be running outside and training again for a 5k.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Overheard Three Times

I'm going to preface this by saying that it is Roll Up The Rim time at Tim Horton's, in case anyone has been living under a rock and didn't notice. In two days, Friday and Saturday, I heard the same conversation three times. It was always two girls (or women) talking to each other. One tells the other how she (or a friend of hers) has won a free coffee on a free coffee. It is incredible, they go in to purchase a coffee and through Roll Up The Rim win a free one. The next time they go in and claim this free one. After they drink it, they Roll Up The Rim and win a free coffee again. This is not exciting, this is not really something to tell someone about after the fact. This is really not something to relay to others if it happened to a friend. Fun to tell whom ever you are with when it actually happens as it is an amusing coincidence, but really not a great story for later. Come on, we have heard about this phenomenon before. (In fact way back before Roll Up The Rim during a Coke promotion, Teri had a fairly long string of winning a Free Coke on a Free Coke.) Nothing new.

Media Photography - #8

Winter's Wind
By Christine Sweeton

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Post

For Christmas, Kristen got me a desk calender called Forgotten English. (She also got me this really neat Shakespeare mug that I use all the time.) I took the calender to work, it sits on my desk, and I read it everyday. I especially look forward to Tuesdays when I get to read Saturday, Sunday, and Monday too. Each day is a new Old English word and some trivia about it. Every one is so interesting it is hard not to bring the pages home and blog about them all. I have been waiting for an exceptionally cool one. I found one but what was even more interesting was the trivia.
'bodword' - an ominous message
Henry Reddall's book, Fact, Fancy, and Fable (1889), describes a no-nonsense 'language of postage' used by Americans. Stamps on the upper left corner upside down means I love you! One on the upper left corner crosswise, I love another. Stamp on the upper left corner up and down, I wish to be rid of your correspondence. On the left lower corner means Do you love me? On the left lower corner upside down, I am displeased. Stamp placed on the left lower corner crosswise, I wish to have your acquaintance. On the left side in the centre means Accept me as a lover. Amusingly, a stamp on the left side in the centre crosswise means Who cares? On the upper right corner up and down which is what everyone uses today every time, means Business Correspondence.

Friday, 6 March 2009

An Asian Double

Last night and today I tried two new Asian restaurants. Here are my thoughts:
Mongolian Hot Pot
Anne is right, this is not for the faint of heart. This was also not what Dave, Steph, and I thought it was going to be. You pick a soup broth from a list of 5 (the refreshing herb is the best I think) and then they bring a big bowl to your table to boil on burners in front of you. They also bring plates of raw lamb and beef to the table. There is a big buffet with other raw meats, seafood and vegetables. You bring these back and cook it all in the boiling water. The buffet has some sauces and spices too. It is a fun place but you spend the whole time learning from mistakes and not quite knowing what to do or what is going on. Try it out but it was super busy for a Thursday night and we had to wait for a table, so avoid going on a weekend for sure.
Edoko Japanese Steak House
My work went for lunch to this downtown restaurant and it was my first experience with teppanyaki. There is a grill built into the table and the chef cooks the food in front of you. We had sushi and tempora for appetizers that was amazing. The actual sushi roll was in tempora and warm, delicious. I wasn't looking forward to the stirfry because the only vegetables used were carrots, onions, and zucchini but it was delicious. The guy also made a volcano out of onion which was super cool. (See picture below. That was actually our chef today at lunch too.) The menu looks expensive for dinner, so going for a weekday lunch is best. Reservations are suggested.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

A New Way Of Blogging

My parents and Anna have just come back from fairly long trips abroad (to France and the Philippines respectively.) While they were gone I wrote tons of blog posts, many of which have been bumped off the main page. How I normally check for new comments is to visit the site often. At least five times a day I go to my blog and scroll through the main page looking for new comments, I have in the back of my mind memory of how many comments are with each post and can recognize when one more is added. I rarely go back and look at comments or posts past the first page. This isn't very good because I sometimes miss comments. For instance, from my aunt, who has a tendency of reading a months worth of my blog at once, opposed to checking it daily or weekly. Also, sometimes my blog is a victim of spam and I get strange comments on old posts that contain links to very suspect websites. I have decided to turn on Comment Notification. Now I get an e-mail that tells me who commented, on which post, and what they said. It means I won't miss any, but it makes me feel a little disconnected from my blog now.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


"This essay is right on the line. It took a couple of pages for you to catch your stride (and the conclusion needs work) but the case of this essay is very strong - insightful, well-written and closely engaged with the poem in a way that really strengthens your analysis. Good work!"

This is the mark and comments that I got on my last essay. Sometimes you can't fool professors. I got a B+ on my first essay for this class. Then the next one I got an A-. This one wasn't as good as that last one and I don't really remember the first one but I guess it is a little bit better. I can't believe it is going to sit on the edge. At the same time I'm glad I didn't get another B+ since I'm trying to improve and the way this class works is that we write 4 essays and throw away the worst mark. I want that first essay to be my worst mark. Still, it is such a strange mark, it has a slash in it.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Love It

I bought a bus pass. It is the greatest thing. I had a few monthly ones a few years back but I just got an annual student pass that goes until the end of August. Someone had told me that it doesn't save that much money, that it is just easier than waiting in line and remembering to go and get a new one every month. It turns out that it is a big savings almost like the last month is free. I broke the bank to afford all that money upfront but it is worth it. Especially because now I feel super bad taking a cab as I can take the bus as much as I like. I even brought my groceries home on the bus tonight, which I never do.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Quote Of The Day

"The eyes are the nipples of the face" - House Bunny

Sunday, 1 March 2009


I played alot of games this weekend. Kristen, Jerrica, and I played Life four times, and we were joined by Emily for the last. We played in all states of awareness and I won the first three times. I tend to make a lot of money in the boardgame Life if only that also happened in real life. I also usually Became President, which is an impossibility as I'm Canadian. On top of the ridiculous amount of Life playing, Jerrica and I took on Kristen and Heather in a battle of the roommates in Cranium. We lost, but it was really close. This afternoon I played a game of Settlers of Catan which is my favorite boardgame of all time. (I rarely admit this and usually just say that my favorite is Monopoly which is a close second anyway.) Lastly, I played a round of Kings before heading out to the bar last night. It has been a busy weekend, playing.

Media Photography - #7

Shadowed Smile
By Christine Sweeton