Friday, 27 August 2021


I am in the process of predating posts. Hoping to finish doing posts about...
- Running the cafe and then closing it in 2019
- Hungary/Romania trip in August 2019
- NYC, Palm Springs, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Fall of 2019
- Pregnancy and miscarriage in early 2020
- Pregnancy with Cigi and giving birth
- Cigi in general!
- Life in the Covid-19 pandemic
- Restarting WoW again
I will remove this post once I have finished updating the last couple of years.

Sunday, 22 August 2021

A Space Of One's Own

It has been hard to blog recently because it hasn't been easy to get onto my computer. (And blogging from the tablet is super annoying.) When we started to redo 'the office' to make a nursery it meant getting rid of the spot that I would use my laptop. Jason's work station was moved into the spare room/laundry room and there wasn't space for my chair and little table. For a while I used my laptop on the coffee table downstairs (as I am doing at the moment) or sometimes in bed. However, it was a strange phenomenon where it was either in the way or too out of the way. If it was in the way then it would get moved and tucked away somewhere and that made it harder to pull it out again later to use.

This has meant no blogging, but also my emails are piling up and I haven't done my banking. I have stopped playing WoW, which I have pretty consistently been involved with since Fall 2019. There is also jobs to apply for and more cafe stuff to finish up. Basically I need it to be easy, and comfortable, to work on my laptop. Didn't know this was an issue since I haven't really had or used a desk in a while, but I guess I did always have some type of set up that made it convenient. 

We do have plans to rearrange the living room soon, for baby proofing now that Cigi is becoming more mobile, and that will have some ripple effects for the dining room. I think I will try to set up in there. So fingers crossed you will start to see more posts soon!

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Made For You

Drink of my body
Maintain our link

Just as before

Everything I do
Is transferred to you

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Tripped Up By Time Change

My alarm didn't go off this morning, I have it set for 2:30am to get up an pump ahead of Cigi waking up around 3am (lately, and only if I am lucky.) Well, she woke me up by crying at 3:15am and I was very confused! But with 'spring ahead' my phone went from 2am to 3am in literally less than a second so there was no 2:30am today! Looking forward to the end of this weird time change thing - the vote to do so provincially went through but I think it is currently on hold until other provinces agree to stop doing it as well or something.

Friday, 12 March 2021

R Is For Bunny

My mom spent a little time when I was younger doing cross-stich (this is before she discovered traditional rug hooking) and one of the things she made me was this alphabet (see image on right.) She used to say the marks on it was blood from pricking her finger with the needle, but then recently mentioned it was just from the age if it, so I don't know what is true.

I was showing it to Maya today, while Jason was holding it up, and she said, "A is for apple, B is for stuffy" and I was so confused until I saw that it was a teddy 'B'ear image. She is very young and not strong with letters or reading yet. She also pointed and said, "R is for bunny." 

Friday, 1 January 2021

No Resolution

Last year's New Year's resolution was so good that I am just going to keep with that. I can't imagine what I would come up with after the past year we have had. 2020 was just such a crazy time - a global pandemic, unemployment, pregnancy, lockdowns. I just want to see it all fall behind us and have 2021 bring health and hope to everyone again. (I also want to go out and get a job as soon as this baby is born.)

My mom suggested that we open our front and back door to 'blow 2020 out of the house' which I thought was a cool idea and possible New Years Day tradition that we could start at Casa Verde.

Sunday, 6 December 2020

Xmas List 2020

Not yet born, not celebrating Christmas, no presents please.
(If you have a gift that really really must be given, please do so through Jason.)
- Gift Cards
--- Dollerama, Ricki's, Chapters
- Pixel 4a case
- Pixel 4a screen protector
- Epsom salts
- Soap and Glory: Flake Away body scrub
- Bath bombs, no glitter
- Plastic or silicon spatulas (flipper of pancakes kind)
- Stick with string toy for Two
- Running socks
- Easy crockpot cooking cook book
- Tank tops, any style, LRG
- Brown sugar bear (for freshness)
- Ivy, succulent, or cactus plants
- Cloth face masks with wire at nose

- Gift cards
--- Amazon (for Kindle Books), MEC
- Sweat pants, Med
- Socks
- Coffee beans (not flavoured)
- Sour candy
- Coke in glass bottles
- Craft Beer (not wheaty)
- Cheap Sunglasses
- Spray sunscreen
- iPhone charging cord
- Drill bit set (for holes, not for screws)
- AAA batteries

- Gift cards
--- Home Depo (for new lawn mower)
--- IKEA (for a dresser and bookcases)
--- Michael's (for frames)
- Boardgames
--- Ticket to Ride: Expansion Maps
--- Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It
- Large plastic cutting boards
- Soup pot with lid, roughly 8qt
- Baby Yoda tree ornament
- Large winter/Christmas window cling decorations

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Painting Refresh

I had always meant to paint the garage door a darkish grey, it has been white and slowly fading since we moved in. I had envisioned faking a row of windows near the top, with paint (taping out squares, maybe even some light shading to give them depth.) Then I saw that you can get decorative garage door hardware, which would look fancier than windows and be easy. (They also have them in magnetic form to stick them on metal garage doors too, but I got the screw on ones since ours is wood.)

When I mentioned it to Jason though, he wanted it painted black. (Which reminds me of the song when I was younger, that I gather is actually a cover of The Rolling Stones. But isn't a cover when it is done exactly the same? There is a difference, it is a bit like a remix or something. I like the Gob version better and, upon looking it up, found out they are Canadian. It is a little more metal than The Stones rock version.) 

Paining it black then meant that I had to spray paint the decorative hardware a different colour to get it to show up - I went with 'stainless steel.' It didn't really made it look like stainless steel so wouldn't recommend it for that purpose, but it worked to make it a greyish colour that would show up against the black. Jason helped me attach the hardware.
Happy with how it turned out! Even more so now that I see what it looked like before!