Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Background Of 'The'

I have a tendency to adopt my friends sayings and ways of speaking. Rarely do I bring a unique phrase into being. However, I have brought 'The'. Actually, as I would say it, I have brought The 'The'. I add the word 'The' in front of words that really shouldn't have it. For example, the love, the sex, the drinking, the dinner. For the longest time, I could not figure out where it came from. My friends say it sometimes now but they definitely got it from me and I can't think of it happening in any TV shows of movies where a lot of things like that begin. I finally figured it out, it is from a beauty pageant. Actually the Miss Teen USA contest from the summer of 2007 where a contestant answered a question in a hilarious way. She makes no sense and keeps saying 'such as'. Most importantly she says 'The Iraq'. After watching the clip, at least a year ago, I started saying 'The Iraq' right away, and I guess that it grow from there. Please see the clip below, the clip that started it all...

Friday, 29 May 2009

Oh, Most Excellent

In 1561, John Hollybush translated Hieronymus Brunschwig's book, A Most Excellent and Perfecte Homish Apothecarye, from Almaine (German) to English. The book was self described as "A most excellent and perfecte homish apothecarye or homely physik booke, for all the grefes and diseases of the bodye." What I find more interesting is Brunschwig's treatment for depression: "He that is become mad with sadness and heaviness, to him ought fair to be spoken and made merry; many things should be promised him, and some given. If it is a man, let him be refreshed with women, for the same avoidish anger; but if it be a woman, let her be refreshed with men; the same bringeth them soon to their senses." I like it. I feel that I need to be refreshed with men! Good idea, bring it on.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Making Soup

Starting tomorrow I'm going to do the Cabbage Soup Diet for a week. Now before people jump down my throat about fad diets and this being unhealthy for this reason or that I must remind you of a few things. Firstly, this is way more healthy than I currently eat. For instance until about 5pm today all I had to eat was licorice. So, while you may think that the week long plan is missing this or that, or unhealthy in some other way, it has got to be better then when I am left to my own devices. Secondly, it is just a week, after which I hope to go on Weight Watchers and monitor my food in a responsible lifestyle changing type way. I just wanted to do this first and here are the reasons why;
-I really love cabbage
-It will be nice to see a big change right away to motivate me to continue
-I hate cooking and this only requires me to do it once
-My mom has done it before and it does work
-I have exactly a week before I'm going to the cottage so it fits
-Planning out meals ahead of time is really hard for me

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spring Cleaning

It is that time again; gardening, cleaning, and clearing out of all the junk that gets collected in our houses. I thought I would pass along some good community programs that might be able to help you out. They will come and pick up your donations of clothes and household items from your porch. Back in Paris we would get calls from them for donations fairly regularly, and I have since caught up with them over the last few years in Ottawa. Give it a try, call for a pick up, and get on their regular list.

Cause: Diabetes
Name: The Clothesline Program
Number: 1-800-505-5525

Cause: Cerebral Palsy
Name: Used Clothing Donations
Number: Dependent on area, see website

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Lately, too often, I find that I am sad. I find that I have nothing to write, nothing to say. Also, my throat is sore.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Breathing Warm Air

Step out into the sunshine which is neither too bright nor too warm, just the perfect amount of heat and light. The rush of sadness, nostalgia, and hope stir into a quick cocktail of emotions. A physical pull at the side of the mouth, the want to cry or maybe the twitch of a smile. That challenge of attempting to identify a feeling. Something that is new, fresh, and exciting while somehow at the same time familiar, harsh, and sad. The day is still perfect and summer is definitely here.

It pains me a bit to have to work inside at this conference during such a great day but I am happy that my birthday has such beautiful weather. While I can't really be out enjoying it much right now, save a quick walk during my lunch break, I am comforted by the plans ahead to read in a park or maybe a beach, jog down the side of the canal, and walk around my neighbourhood with friends. It is a good day and I think it will be an amazing summer!

Saturday, 23 May 2009


I decided to ride my bike to campus today. It is a little silly since it is only about a 6 minute walk and a 2 minute bike ride, but I was running late and needed that little bit of extra speed. This is the first time I'm riding my bike this season, and I really need to get it tuned up right away. I accidentally left it outside all winter so it is in rough shape. The worst part is that the bike lock is one of those chains wrapped in blue plastic, well I guess ice got in there or something because when I unlocked my bike I ended up getting covered in gross rusty water!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Urban Mountain

Today I climbed up Dunton Tower on campus. Yes, all 23 floors of it, (Though I took the elevator down.) The elevator only goes up to 22, but there is one extra staircase that goes up one more floor, to the roof I assume, I don't know since the door there was locked. It was way harder to do than I thought it would be. I was able to boot up it at a quick pace for the first 10-12 stories but then it was slower going after that. By the top I was a little dizzy and definitely breathing heavily. I wish I had a stop watch so I could measure how long it takes me, then I can try to improve my time. Now I'm just going to try to improve fitness level so that I can make it up quickly and not lose my breath.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh Ford

I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice this, I also noticed it a long time ago, Ford's switch from the Bronco to the Escape. The Ford Bronco was one of the earlier SUV's, it was made for 30 years! Infamous for its use in the low-speed chase with O.J. Simpson. I remember this pursuit being televised, in 1994, as cameras tracked his White Bronco from the sky. Soon after, however, in 1996, Ford stopped making the Bronco. Now as a full-size SUV, its successor is actually the Ford Expedition, or Excursion, but in 2001 Ford came out with a compact SUV called the Escape. I think the coincidence is just too good for Ford to not be purposely tongue and cheek with the use of the Bronco for O.J's flee. Genius!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Flippy Floppys

Summer is here! (Almost)
I got these flip flops at Old Navy today - 3 pairs for $10.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Very Nice

I am having a great Saturday in bed with...
--five blankets
--Grey's Anatomy on
--my purring cat
--The Wars by Timothy Findley
--Photoshop and my BC pictures
--a bowl of Cheerios
I don't want to get up, this is the life!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Blog Award

There is some Blog Chain Post Thing going around where you are given a Blog Award, then you list 7 things that make you awesome, and then you nominate three other people's blogs and continue the chain, or something along those lines. Heather gave me one on her blog. I feel honoured, it is my first Blog Award. I'm going to mess up the chain a little bit though and not list 7 things that make me awesome. If you read this, and/or you know me, I'm sure you can think of 7 things on your own, or at least I hope you can. (If not, I listed 7 as a comment to Heather's post on her blog, so go look there.) As for my award recipients they are of course all the blogs linked on the right. Especially those of my friend's; Heather's, James', and all of Steph's. I'm pretty selective about my Links section so they are obviously of superior quality. Mind you, Steph has warned me not to check out her Photo Blog for the next month or so as it is all pictures of tulips right now. I'm sure that they are gorgeous as Steph is a great nature as well as macro photographer, though she is right that my fear of the scary waxy demon that is The Tulip will have me avoiding that blog for a while.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My First A+

This past semester I received my first A+ in university! I'm very happy. I have a few A's and a bunch of A-'s but never an A+. My GPAs are starting to look good too and now I have a new goal:

At graduation, students with high academic achievement may have this accomplishment recognized by a special notation on their transcript and Diploma. To be awarded High Honours, Highest Honours, Distinction or High Distinction, students must satisfy the appropriate regulations of their faculty and in addition the following university rules. Graduating students in Honours degree programs qualify for graduation with High Honours or with Highest Honours if they have:
High Honours
-Major CGPA of 9.00 or better and an Overall CGPA of 7.00 or better
Highest Honours
-Major CGPA of 10.00 or better and an Overall CGPA of 8.00 or better

I want to get Highest Honours when I graduate. Right now I have a Major CGPA or 10.14 and an Overall CGPA of 7.86, so I think I might be able to do it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Falling In Love With JT

Since the N'Sync I have always thought Justin Timberlake was hot. As time passed and he kept making great songs I continued to like him. His continued appearances on Saturday Night Live have really solidified how great I think he is. After this weeks hosting I am seriously in love with the guy. He is awesome.Please take a tour around the internet and watch what I feel are some of his great skits from the past few years visiting SNL.

Dick In A Box - when I started to see him in a new light

All The Single Ladies - when I realised how very very hot he was

Ellis Island Immigrants - this week, when it all came together, I'm in love
(Note: watch for the Sexy Back section and his Britney mention)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Not The Same

famous - widely known, honoured for achievement
infamous - having a reputation of the worst kind, notoriously evil

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Slowly Starting

I have returned to Ottawa. While I took a blog break for sure, I definitely didn't leave all electronics behind for my trip. I checked e-mail and facebook occasionally, did online banking, and went on K's computer about every 3 days. However, it was nice to take a little break from blogging. Now, obviously, I will be starting up again. It maybe slow going for a while as I get used to writing again. Bare with me though, I will try to do about a post every day or so as usual.