Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Conflict Between The Covers

It has been cold lately in The O-Town, also the The Boy Roommate has gone super environmentalist on the thermostat. In revenge, and pure savage search for warmth, I have stolen his girlfriend's, Anna's, comforter while she is in France. It is pink so he isn't using it. Pink, thick, foamy, soft, big, smells good, and oh oh so warm. Right now it is folded in two on top of my bed because I have a twin and it is a double duvet. Under it are my usual blankets. Ones that were made with love by family members. That have kept me warm through many winters in the past. A quilt made by my aunt, a big blue afghan knit by my late grandmother, and a multicoloured crocheted blanket my mom made. I know the pink comforter was bought. I know it was probably made overseas. I cuddle with it and think about Anna, who I miss dearly, but it still isn't filled with the love that the others hold. Oh, how I love that warm decadent duvet, but every time I crawl under it and smile a part of me dies a little as I realise that corporate America is probably winning with this. I'm torn, but for now I'm settling on both, since it is definitely cold enough here.

Sunday, 25 February 2007


Normally I find out that the exam schedule is up because Steph posts something on her blog, I think she just told me over the phone this time though, and I forgot until now.
Here is my schedule
April 12 - 7pm - Mass Comm
April 18 - 2pm - Sexuality in Lit
April 19 - 7pm - Brit Lit
April 23 - 7pm - Can Lit
April 24 - 7pm - Women in Lit
It is pretty good in terms of spacing, and great because there is no morning exams, I hate the morning exam!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Blog Problems

The comment leaving feature is acting up. I need to test it. So if people can try to leave some to see what is going on that would be a great help. Anna can't seem to post one from France, which sucks, so I want to find out what the problem is.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

So I Look Like A Man?

Friends With A Star

She is tall and lean and goes out in tight dark jeans. I got to spend last night with an long time family friend, James. James (along with Jeska) inspired my parents to have me. Only a year older than me, she was a sweet baby that made my parents want one of their own. We have been close friends since birth but hanging out with her still feels like spending time with a celebrity. She is all over the board, she is such a multifaceted person, a bright sparkling diamond. Lives in Toronto and loves being downtown in the big city, yet often party's in small town Ontario. We can go from talking about our love lives to what it is like to write the LSAT. James is a realist and a hopeless romantic, can explain her ideal wedding but also how much she loves being single and independent. She travels to Paris for the art and culture, comes home only to head to the south to drink for a week. An intelligent academic with long blond hair and heels. James can show a daring sense of adventure by getting her belly button pierced in Amsterdam, only to also be seriously determined with her work out routine. Loves to cuddle, likes her martini's strong and her pasta rich. She loves and owns designer fashions like Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, and Louis Vuitton but hopes to one day work for a non-profit. James feels like a vibrant walking contradiction at times, and is the most versatile person I know. When I'm with her I have stars in my eyes and a smile in my heart.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Thinking Of The Cup

I went into The Cup to try and find my T4 (since I want to get started on my taxes). I definitely don't miss that place, but I do miss The Second Cup Ladies. Such great friends, lots of good times.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Only To Me

I was putting on my makeup before heading to a party hosted by Kristin. Since I'm still a little sick I thought I should probably throw on some blush, even though my eyes were pretty heavily done. I was just doing to do a very light blush effect so I didn't look so pale and green. I couldn't find my blush so put a bit of lipstick on my cheeks and blended it in. I got the right colour effect and moved on to finishing getting ready. When I went back to check in the mirror my cheeks were bright red, with the heavy eye makeup I looked like a clown. I tried to wipe off my cheeks, even used moisturizer and makeup remover to lighten the colour. Then I realised that the lipstick I had used was that kind that plumps up your lips and is filled with irritants to do so. My cheeks were in so much pain. Thank goodness by the time I showed up I looked fairly normal. A good Karaoke singing time was had by all, I got a little buzzed and stayed up quite late, excellent.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Long Night

Closing on a weekend night totally sucks. The store is open later, which makes the shift longer. It is super busy too. Also closing in the winter is really bad because it takes forever to mop the dirt and salt off the floors. The only good thing about tonight was that I finished a book for my Women in Literature class. The entire novel, from start to finish in one shift. It is a productive start to my reading week, I hope to finish a lot more books and get lots of writing done.

Friday, 16 February 2007


I bought my plane tickets to France today. Actually Steph bought them using her credit card and I'm paying her back. I'm leaving from Montreal on Sunday May 6 at 11:45pm, and land in Paris at Charles De Gaulle on Monday May 7 around noon. I'm staying for almost two weeks. I leave Saturday May 19 at 11:30am and get to Montreal Saturday at 1:15pm. Time change is so cool. They are 6 hours ahead. I'm really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


There comes a point in all of my friends lives when they get "Blouted", outed on my blog. Usually I give people nicknames until I find I'm talking about them too much and it is annoying to type. So The New Roommate name is Anna, there she is out. Sadly she isn't even really my roommate anymore as she moved to France for 4ish months. It was really hard to see her go because she had very quickly became a close close friend. She actually coined the word "Chrisening" which occurs the first time someone sees me naked, which inevitably happens with all my friendships at some point. I could go on and on talking about what she is like, interested in, and how great she is, but I will just sum it up as that I miss very much and she has only been gone a day.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Empty Nest

Two roommates flew away on two different trips. Another roommate is heading home on Thursday. That will leave just Em, me and The Boy Roommate around for Reading Week. I guess it is going to be pretty quite. Oh well, I have my O.C back episodes, World of Warcraft, and tons of homework to do, I will be kept quite busy, if not a tad lonely.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Good Trip

I'm back early from Montreal. It was a good trip. It had its ups and downs. The down parts included fighting with VIA about my student card, having the hotel maid steal my pillow, forgetting my wash bag at home with all my toiletries and medication, getting a little sick, and the trip being cut short because his second contract fell threw. The up parts included great food, sleeping next to him each night, walking through old Montreal, the Chrysler 300, realising that he really loves me, and riding the Metro. As in all cites there were some pigeons, which amusingly he calls "Urban Chickens". I love Montreal, it is such an awesome city.

Shattered Confidence

I screwed up socially again, and it is making me second guess how good I am at the whole social scene. Usually I feel like a total Social Goddess, but around him I always seem to fuck it up, now I'm second guessing myself all the time. Even wondering if the other weekend at Kristin's I was annoying and stupid, what if I'm just annoying and stupid all the time, and a select few people (Ami, The New Roommate, Teri, Steph, Em) think I'm great, and the rest of the time I just wander around pissing everyone off. Even my mother has told me I come across badly a lot of the time. I guess I know on some level that it takes a while to get used to my craziness, but I didn't think that was the case with everyone I meet, maybe it is.

Friday, 9 February 2007


I'm heading to Campus to meet a friend. We are then going to "a reception being held in our honour" which will be "an opportunity for us to meet other high-achievers as well as Mass Communication professors. The Dean and Associate Deans of the Faculty of Public Affairs have also been invited." The reason for this reception is that "we are two of the few students who have achieved a provisional grade of A- or higher in the fall term of Introduction to Mass Communication (MCOM 1101). This is a very significant achievement which the Mass Communication Program would like to recognize." This is all very ridiculous, and pointless since marks will change at the end of this semester. This isn't even a final mark, more an excuse to spend our tuition money. I'm going, and hoping for free food.

My Art

I just realised that I haven't posted in a few days, which is so very unlike me. I have been spending my spare time putting together a scrapbook for The New Roommate as a going away gift, she leaves for France in a few days. Ami and I, along with help from The Boy Roommate, worked on this all week and gave it to her the other night. It was quite well received. I think scrap booking can become a serious addiction for me. I don't think of it as real art though. It has elements of creativity for sure but it is so craft like. I will now return to real art, my writing, writing in my blog that is.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Random Night

I had to close the store tonight. I spent most of the time talking on the phone and catching up with my parents, Ter, and Steph. Afterwards I surprised Ami by taking her down to Winterlude. I could not believe how many ice sculptures there are this year. Some of them are so incredible it is almost unbelievable that they are done in ice. It was so cold, we didn't realise at the time but Environment Canada had issued a Wind Chill warning since it was -28 degrees Celsius, -41 with wind chill. After freezing our asses off looking at the ice we headed to Oz for late night Hot Chocolate and Baileys, alas Oz had already called Last Call. W. was there and the three of us went to go and grab a bite to eat at the diner. Mid conversation I find out that my skates, which have been missing, are at his house. I'm furious, but laughing cause it is so a W. thing, especially since he has known for over a month and keeps forgetting to call me about it. After the diner we walked there to pick them up. It was such a fun night and the best part was finding my pretty white figure skates!

Sunday, 4 February 2007

My Latest Love

On Superbowl Sunday I decided to turn on the TV to watch some men in tights. Not football players, figure skaters. I ran across coverage of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and instantly fell in love with the gold and silver medal winners. Besides the fact that their long programs were amazing, these guys are smoking hot!! A quick check on the internet and I have access to tons of information about them, except their sexual orientations. Gold medal winner Evan Lysacek (Left) is a year younger than me, 6'1", from Illinois but trains in California. He placed second in last years U.S. Championships and went on to get bronze at the 2006 Worlds. I will be watching this year to see how he does. Ryan Bradley (Right), although not as hot, maybe my favorite, he placed 2nd so will also be going to this years Worlds. A total underdog, having never placed in the top five before this silver medal win. He is originally from Missouri but now is a student at the University of Colorado, and trains in Colorado Springs. 5'11" and a year older then me, he is an excellent combination of cute and sexy. How could I ever choose between these two amazing guys, even if they are American, have never met me, hard core and busy athletes, and probably already in relationships, well I can dream can't I? Oh sweet sweet figure skating love.

Hungover And Bloated

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Birth Order

Spent the night with Ami, Em, and The New Roommate, for the most part we just didn't stop laughing. Tales of our childhood and stories of embarrassing home movies. Mine involving the line "Look at me I'm dancing" yelled over and over. Man, I was an annoying kid. This lead me to think about the difference between those who are the oldest child (Ami and I) and those who are the youngest (Em and The New Roommate). I guess there are also those who are in between but the four of us all came from 2 child households...
- Oldest Child - Used to being center of attention. Wants to gain and hold superiority. Being right, controlling often important. Strives to keep attention through conformity. Develops competent, responsible behavior but can get very discouraged. Strives to please.
- Youngest Child - Expects others to do things, make decisions, take responsibility. Feels smallest and weakest. May not be taken seriously.
These are just quick and brief theories, more can be found in any resource about family dynamics and birth order.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Goals For The Month

Since February is a short month, and I want to make some changes in my life, I thought I would make some goals. By the end of this month I want to have...

*made my bed everyday
*seriously exercised at least 3 times each week
*finished all 3 of my Mass Com Reading Reports
*written my Can Lit essay
*kept up to date with my laundry
*attended all classes
*worked all shifts from start to finish
*kept my room tidy
*caught up on all missed lectures
*written both Formal Critical Responses