Thursday, 29 June 2006

Late Night Swim

I just got back from a late night swim. Yes, I swam at an Ottawa beach with Ami at Midnight. We knew it wasn't that bright of an idea, but it was also an adventure we just couldn't turn away from. W. was called, and instructed to stay awake and concerned for our safety. He was contacted as soon as we were done swimming, so that he knew everything was alright. The sand was wet and cold, and the water was warm and refreshing. We dove and jumped, braved seaweed and frightening fog. The park was lit and magical. The swim was exciting and perfect in everyway. The crazy spontaneity of youth, caution to the wind, dive head first, eyes wide open. An excellent memory: Our Late Night City Swim.

The Sand Angel

She was brought to The Beach by my wonderfully entertaining and artistic friend, The Goddess of Awesomeness. The Sand Angel flew across the sand in tiny pink sandals, given to her by The Giant Tiger. She rushed into my kitchen and transformed out of her sparkling denim and flowing blue traveling garb into the sweetest most delicate and small pink Sand Angel outfit. She whisked me to the waters edge. As I dined on ice cream, she ran from land to water, sand to lake. Soon I was under her spell, jumping and dancing with her in the waves. As I age the effect The Sand Angel has on me weakens, I watched in merriment as she rolled in the sand covering herself before rushing to the water to wash it off. She repeated this sacred ritual many times, but not once did I join her. Nevertheless, she brought joy to my day, joy that will stay with me for many days as I remember how she glowed right in front of me. The Sand Angel at The Beach.

Hammock Chillin'

The Hammock Series
(Note all the snazzy titles, but these photos are snap shots, not art, so be warned)
1- Sleepy Me
2- Long Point View
3- Sharing

A Quick Trip Home

W. and I decided to rent a car and drive home to surprise our parents. His and mine, we don't share parents, cause that would be wrong. Anyway it was an awesome trip home, with lots of driving (me doing all of it.) Ottawa to Waterloo to see Crazy T. for an hour, and return her sweet CD collection which kept W. asleep and me happy the whole ride down. Than from Waterloo to the Cottage to surprise my mom. A nice half day at the cottage chilling with W. before heading to Steel Town to surprise his parents at the office. Dinner with them and then a quick visit at lunch time the next day, before driving back home.

"Let's hit up Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route. I prefer Mapquest! That's a good one too. Google Maps is the best! True that! Double true!" --from Chronicles of Narnia (Lazy Sunday)

Well after that famous quote I turned to Google Maps first for our driving directions, but it was Map Quest that was better in my opinion. Home safe now, and tired from the trip but so happy that I got to see everyone, except for my Dad who was sailing, and Little Brother Mike who forgot that he agreed to meet me at the Cottage, oh well.

Sunday, 25 June 2006

A Day In The Sun

I forgot my fathers birthday. He was born on the first day of summer, June 21st. I normally remember because everyone is making such a big deal out of it being the official start of summer. I called as soon as I remembered, a few days late, but I missed him since he is off competing in a big sailboat race. Today though was my start to summer. Although I wasn't feeling well, and I worked, and it was a little cloudy, I sunbathed in the sun for a couple of hours. It won't give me much colour, it wasn't as good as a beach, and I didn't get to swim afterwards but it was a start. Here's to a great summer, I want to have a good one for a change.

Friday, 23 June 2006

No One Knows

It is really late, well actually it is really early in the morning, and I just got home. I realized on my 15min bike home that no one knows where I am. Bad things could have happened. Since my schedule is so awful, even though I told roommates I would be coming home, I stay at W.'s so much that if I didn't come home they would just assume I had changed my mind and stayed there again. I told W. I wasn't coming over and when I didn't show up he would just think I was true to my word. My parents can never get a hold of me, so they wouldn't notice if something was amiss. If something had happened to me no one would know. I guess that I would be noticed missing tomorrow when work tried to find me at 6pm to see why I wasn't showing up for my shift. I was biking with little lights, but they don't protect you from killers, rapists, and drunk drivers. I'm home safe now, but it could have been bad. I'm very trusting since I'm so used to a small town, and parents who looked after me. I also haven't developed the paranoia and fear that some girls get. I will have to develop a system though so that I don't get home and think, "That wasn't safe!"

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

The Highroad

In about an hour I have to talk to my Manager. I'm really scared/worried. We have been having tension and conflict for over a month now and all I have done is shrink away, talk to the Owner, and whine to the staff. This has lead to the Manager and I never being scheduled together, which leaves me with terrible hours. I don't know what to say or how to say it or whether this conversation will actually improve anything. I know though that talking to him about how we work together is the mature and professional thing to do. He has been actually complaining about me to the other staff, this is awful, though I do it too so what can I say. I'm so terrified and worried that after we talk I will be too upset to work well for the rest of my shift tonight (3-8). One of the things I always like about myself is that I'm not afraid of social conflict and I can embrace these hard situations. Well I guess I am afraid so now all that is left is to embrace it. Here I go...Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Funniest Thing Today...

Catching up on the new Lonely Island stuff...

Those who don't know about this site it is hilarious, I suggest watching Kablamo, and The Heist for starters. If you get really into it go on the net and try to find Lazy Sunday with Andy, who is now on SNL. Lazy Sunday is seriously the greatest thing ever. This quote though, the greatest thing today!

From Chez-Vids,...

"I try to better myself by learning something I don't know.
Know it
Know it
Know it
Know it
Know it
Know it
Know it
But it is pretty hard because I am a fucking genius."


This is where all my energy goes. Tomorrow, I will serve both subs and coffee. I will smile at both the young kids on lunch break, drunk with excitement about going out for lunch. I will smile at the couples, drunk with alcohol going out for coffee. 11am until 4pm at Subway, and then 8pm-Midnight. I don't know how much longer I can do this. I make very little money and slowly lose my sanity with each 9 hour shift.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

The Story Of My Heart

When I was young, J. and I created my Heart. As puppy love does, my Heart was born fresh and new. When it was over my Heart was barely even nicked or bruised. There was sadness, and tears, but nothing was broken, except a friendship as J. and I have never spoken since.

I then gave my Heart to S. as those that are young and excited do. He had it all, my Heart, so innocent and fawn like, with its shaky knobby knees. For years S. kindly kept my Heart, until it ran away, and for that I am so very sorry.

My Heart ran to M. who didn't know what to do with it. Thinking I was older, that I was wiser, that my Heart was stronger and grown up, I let M. have it with out closely watching what he did with it or how he cared for it. He dropped it. Somehow M. broke my Heart.

I tried to give P. my Heart, though it was too soon in everyway. P. never got or took my Heart. With P. everthing about me, and my Heart, was insecure, scared, weak, and confused. When P. left in a flurry of pain and tears, I think it shook my still broken Heart.

Now W. has my Heart. I handed it over timidly, scared of so many things. Embarrassed that my Heart was so wounded and beat up. Fearing that W. too would not know how to keep it, or mistreat it. W. has it, and watches it well. W. really cares for my Heart, lets it stay with him, and for that I am truly thankful.

Saturday, 17 June 2006


It saddens me that in everyway I'm just not as beautiful as everyone else.

Friday, 16 June 2006

For Better Or For Worse

Ok since W. reads comics online everyday (many many many sites), a few months ago I decided to start. I usually read, it actually started when I worked at the gov. since all the girls at the office usually did. I guess it was something to talk about at the "water cooler". Lynn is so good (I hear she is retiring soon, so no more new For Better Of For Worse) she sticks to reality so well, and is so touching and funny.

Thursday, 15 June 2006


"If you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work." - Ogden Nash

I wish I didn't have to work, but I do, here are my upcoming hours, in case anyone is looking for me ( Hint: I'm at work)

Thur June 15 - 11-4 (Subway)
- 6-close
Fri June 16 - 6-close
Sat June 17 - 4-close
Sun June 18- 3-11
Mon June 19- 12-3 (Meeting)
Tues June 20- 11-4 (Subway)
- 6-close
Wed June 21- 3-8
Thurs June 22- 5-close
Fri June 23- 6-close
Sat June 24- 12-8
Sun June 25- 11-4 (Subway)

Oh My Goodness...

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Early In The Morning?

Couldn't sleep last night, I swear this house is haunted. I don't get to finish my last two movies and now I have to hurry up, bath, and return them. Seems like I will be staying at W.'s tonight, since I work until 11 tonight and start again at Deuxieme Tasse at noon tomorrow. Binx is being a total bitch and I'm worried about her. I hope leaving her for tonight doesn't throw her back into a huge mood swing. Damn Cat!

Monday, 12 June 2006

4 Down, 2 To Go

Tundra Video has a Sunday Special... 3 New Releases for $10... I got 6 of course. I have therefore spent the last few days watching movies, usually with one or more roomate. This has left me with a headache, and the need to start a Blog.