Tuesday, 12 December 2017

56 Hours In Iceland - A 4:30pm Sunset

Jason and I are going to need more practice with the new camera, but Iceland was a good start to try to get comfortable with it. Here are two more photos, both taken in Pingvellir on Friday with our new camera. They are similar but I couldn't pick which one I liked better, I also don't really know which of us took them:

Beautiful Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice
(Steam from hot spring on the right)

I had continued issues with keeping the horizon straight, which I know how to fix in photoshop, so if I get around to editing maybe I will post some more later on. (No edits were made to the photos posted above.)


Sweeton said...

Lovely photos

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a good trip. I didn't even consider the lack of sunlight until you mentioned it. Chris, I love that you create such fantastic memories for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Love T