Thursday, 28 December 2017

Yes This Is Was A Hack

The message between the dashes was posted yesterday on Always Standing (don't click the link):


hi Blog

My best to you

Chris Tine


Jason texted me to say that he thought my blog had been hacked, I went and looked and said, "Nope, my email was."

For Blogger, you can set up a Mail-to-Blogger feature. I turned it on when I was in China, and my posts sent through it then actually look a little different (smaller serif-style font, no links, or spacing, etc.). This feature is still turned-on in the settings of Always Standing, and the email address used to send posts is saved into my email contacts.

So, my email was hacked and they sent the link to some of my contacts, the "Blog" is the name I saved the email address under and "Chris Tine" is what my name shows up as when I email someone. Normally when this happens people respond to say your email has been hacked. It used to happen like this fairly regularly to various friends of mine - I would say about five years ago I was probably getting an email like that from a contact about once a month.


Sweeton said...

What is this?

Jason Woods said...

Chris was hacked! She doesn't appear to be concerned (I don't know why).