Sunday, 10 December 2017

56 Hours In Iceland - Sunday

We didn't have much time today, since Jason likes to be at the airport so early, we only got to spend the morning touring around (flight leaves at 3:30pm.) We headed north to Borgarnes to swim at the public pool (outside, heated with geothermal technology, large pools or soak in one of three different hot tubs of different temperatures, all with amazing views of mountains and the ocean.) This little trip also let us see more of the west-coast, and experience a pretty impressive traffic tunnel under a fjord.

Here are a few more shots from my phone:
Our Last Selfie In Iceland
Hafnarfjall Mountain behind Jason
I seem to be struggling to keep the horizon straight.

Jason And Good View Of Hafnarfjall Mountain
Seawall/Shore at Borgarfjörður Seawall/Shore in Borgarnes
A bit better with the horizon in this one.


Sweeton said...

2nd photo is lovely. New camera?

Christine Sweeton said...

No, also the phone. If you click on it, to see it larger, you can tell that Jason is blurry and strangely green.