Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Teri Wins Halloween

So many good costumes this year for Halloween but after hearing yesterday morning that Teri had wanted to dress her new son up as a piece of sushi but hadn't had time to put together the costume I had to see the little guy in edible form. I told her there was still time and she ended up doing it in the afternoon and sending along the photos. 

R.O.M. - October 2016
Photos taken by Teri

Teri: I even got him to hold a chopstick
Chris: I know, it is so cute, I am dying
Teri: Looks like he is trying to eat himself

Note: Teri and Greg are trying to keep a low digital footprint for R.O.M, hence the use of only his initials and the reason he hasn't been mentioned on Always Standing before. He won't have a 'tag' like Lochlan, Cadence, Avery, and Maya, but he is a very special baby in my life so you will probably catch a glimpse or two of him from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

That's an interesting concept... being mindful of your children's digital footprint. I hadn't thought of that before? I am an oversharing mom for sure!

Love T