Friday, 4 November 2016

The BC Agreement

Jason doesn't like to start celebrating Christmas until after his birthday, which is on November 29th. This isn't a new thing for me, as I grew up with a similar rule because Mike was born on November 30th. However, it means late publishing of Christmas lists, delayed logistical organization of family visits, and less time enjoying pretty festive decorations around the house.

Last night we went out to buy a Christmas Tree, since fake ones were on sale at Micheal's. We got a lovely 7" pencil tree which is normally $150 Canadian and we picked it up for $60. Its shape and size does make it look like a penis, but it is perfect for our small Toronto home. I have decided to call it a 30-year tree. Jason frequently states how long he expects to keep certain household items. He insists we currently own a 10-year shower curtain because we spent $25 on it at Target - this is not very likely but we can try to keep it that long. I think he wants the mattress and West Elm frame to be a 25-year bed - we will try for this too. The Yaris is a a 5-year car that is already pushing 7. So I will declare that this Christmas tree must be kept until at least 2046, then it will have cost us $2 a year, though it should have been $5, a savings of $3 every year!

Besides the anticipated longevity of the tree, I also didn't want to have to wait a month to set it up. Jason and I have created The Birthday-Christmas (BC) Agreement. I have promised to always do a good job of celebrating his birthday (which I have always done and has in the past involved trips to NYC and dog sledding.) but I am allowed to put the tree up and start celebrating Christmas as early as November 12 (waiting until after Remembrance Day.) The only caveat is that I have to wait until December to put the star on top.


Sweeton said...

Sounds like a good deal especially as your plans for his birthday seem to involve things you love too.

Jason Woods said...

The Yaris is and always has been a 10 year car.