Sunday, 17 January 2016

Where I Get It From - Sleep & Caffine Edition

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

In connection to last night's post, I thought I would share how I am similar to my parents in terms of sleeping, as well as, how I am similar to Dad with reactions to caffeine.

Length of sleep needed: Mom. We need LOTS! Both my mom and I need more than the suggested 8 hours of sleep. Dad would stay up late and not need nearly as much.
Sleeping in: Both. My whole family, especially Mike, can do it and we enjoy it.
Late bedtime: Maybe Mom. I wouldn't really say that I get this from my dad who was a night hawk. If I develop a late bedtime scheduled it really messes with me and I end up needing to sleep in to make up the time, I am trying to stop staying up late.
Fall asleep quickly: Neither. In general, I don't struggle with this and I think to varying degrees both my parents did.
Fall asleep anywhere: Dad. I think my mom takes a while to settle into a new place, like not sleeping well the first night or two in a hotel and such. Dad would pass out on couches, the passenger seat, etc.
Napping: Dad.

Chocolate as preferred vehicle: Dad. Both my parents like chocolate, but my dad would eat a lot more of it, and eat it more casually then mom.
Enjoyment of pop: Dad. He didn't really drink caffeinated soda's like I do - my afternoon caffeine hit is always a diet cola of some type. Dad liked most types of pop but mainly drank Ginger Ale, I always wondered if it was because Mike and I didn't like it so never wanted it. Mom only drinks sparkling water.
Need for caffeine: Mom. She may try to cut down or cut back with splitting her coffee with decaf, but my mom has always had a coffee addiction and my Dad didn't.
Coffee's effect on my stomach - gut rot: Dad. Coffee is pretty hard on most people's stomachs. It gives me terrible gut rote (which is why I drink Chai Tea and pop) and it didn't agree with my dad's system  either.
Coffee's effect on my mouth - chatty: Dad.

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