Saturday, 16 January 2016

Damn You Coke Zero

It is late late late on Saturday night and I am wide awake. Went onto my laptop in the office; away from Jason to let him sleep. (He is a light sleeper and I was worried that my tossing and turning would wake him up.)

While watching a movie this evening I decided to drink two cans of Coke Zero from the fridge. I usually don't have caffeine after 2pm, because it really messes with my sleep. However, I wanted something cold, fun, and refreshing, that felt like a treat. Most of the time I drink water, both at work and home. For a nice movie night on a couch I wanted something special. The pop was obviously a bad call.

Tomorrow I am going to buy apple juice boxes and keep them in the fridge. I think they will fulfill the same need in a less "keeping me awake" type of way.

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