Monday, 18 January 2016

Diet Gamechanger

I started back on The Curves Diet today. I was still pretty much following it, except for over the holidays and in Peru, but I wasn't writing things down. With tracking/planning my meals and snacks I am better at sticking to small portions and healthy food.

The main breakfast on this diet has always been cottage cheese for me. Because I was feeling lazy, I decided I would bring some 'on-the-go' style cups to work so I can just eat one of those each morning. Normally I would portion out a big tub myself daily, or prep my own small tupperware, but as I mentioned - lazy.

When I went to pick up the normal 1% cottage cheese four-pack of small portions, I noticed a different type was available as well. Nordica Smooth, Lemon flavoured cottage cheese. I picked up a 4-pack of that too since it sounded interesting.

I tried the smooth lemon cottage cheese thing this morning and WOW! It is thicker than yogurt and tastes amazing. It is like a little lemon cheesecake treat. They have caramel and vanilla versions as well, according to the website, though I didn't see them at my grocery store. I don't even want to eat the 4 normal ones that I got, this smooth stuff is so delicious.

In comparison, the normal plain 1% on-the-go cottage cheese is 90 calories, 5g of sugar, and 14g of protein (the high protein is why it is an important part of The Curves Diet.) For a much more enjoyable little tub of the lemon stuff (and I really like normal cottage cheese on its own, it isn't a problem to eat for me at all), I feel like the nutritional difference is fairly minor; 110 calories, 12g of sugar, and 10g of protein.

Serious gamechanger!

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Sweeton said...

Of course it tastes good, over twice the sugar!