Monday, 11 May 2015

On Top Of The World

As I mentioned briefly in the previous post....


We proposed to each other over the weekend, each taking a day to ask the other and plan something special. We both kept the actual asking part pretty low key - no rings (since I didn't want one), no big speeches (such a blur, I wouldn't have remembered what was said anyway), and no getting on one knee (though I was planning to do this, since Jason didn't Friday night, I decided not to on Saturday.)

Friday Night - Jason Asks

After picking me up at work, looking casual and carrying a backpack, Jason walked me over to the park beside Lamport Stadium. he stopped, stood in front of me, held me close, and asked, "Will you marry me?" to which I said, "Yes." It was happy, short, simple, and sweet. We then walked towards the King Streetcar with him asking if I had figured out what we were doing that night. I had no idea.

It wasn't until he mentioned that he was more scared of what was happening next than he was of proposing that I figured it out - we were going to go and do The Edge Walk at the CN Tower! (The backpack had my socks since I wasn't in the proper footwear.) It was a long process, with lots of safety checks, but an hour or so later we were over Toronto - walking outside, 1168 feet above the city. It was incredible. 
It was not an easy activity for Jason, who doesn't like heights, so afterwards he took us to The Fifth to have a fancy steak dinner and unwind. We ordered too much food, had amazing filet mignon, and enjoyed a quiet meal together.

Saturday - Christine Asks

Instead of 'asking,' I decided to plan a day of 'accepting' Jason's proposal (though I had said "Yes" right away the night before.) The alarm went off at 6:30am and once Jason was no longer squinting from the light, I asked him in the same simple way - if he would marry me, to which he also said yes. I then presented him with an envelope from the 'CSA' which instead of standing for Canadian Space Agency, meant Christine Sweeton Accepts.  

Along with a note was a cryptic itinerary for a day of astronaut-style training. It included activities like Fitness Test, Medical Exam, Orientation Video, etc. After I ran over to Tim Horton's to get Jason some Basic Nourishment, we set out on our day around Toronto. 

There was a lot of walking and use of the TTC, but we ended up giving blood together, seeing the Hubble IMAX at the Ontario Science Centre, trying out freeze-dried ice cream, visiting the Donald Dunlap Observatory for their open house evening, along with other outer space type activities. 

I also presented him with a watch during the Equipment Issuing. I had 'borrowed' the one I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago that he never wears. I switched out the metal links that he didn't like since they pinched him, for a black leather band. I also had the back engraved with "From here to infinity."

Sunday - Jason and Christine Celebrate

The Edge Walk ticket included a second trip up the CN Tower anytime during the following three days. We took the opportunity to go up and see it from a more normal perspective yesterday evening. We grabbed dinner at the cafe on the observation level and visited the SkyPod which is another 33 stories in the air from where we had walked Friday night. It was a nice ending to an amazing weekend. 

I don't have the words to describe how incredible Jason is, but I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He makes me so happy. The future with him by my side looks exciting and fun.

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