Monday, 11 May 2015

Avery Is Not Impressed

I called Mom (who is out in Edmonton at the moment) and Aimee on Sunday to share the exciting news. (Mike was sleeping but he called later to complain about having to hear about Jason and my engagement second hand, through his wife and mother.) Aimee turned to Avery to let him know the news:

"Avery, your Aunty Chris just got engaged! Your getting another uncle. Aunty Chris and Jason are going to get married! Oh man, he has the weirdest face right now, if you could see this. He looks so confused. Avery, be happy. Be happy for Aunty Chris."

Luckily my mom took a photo at Avery's moment of confusion and sent it to me. He does not look impressed with Jason and my proposal weekend. It isn't really a look of confusion, more of disgust. This is not a baby that cares about weddings.

"Aunty Chris is getting married? Whatever Mom, who cares."
Avery Reacts To Aimee Telling Him My Good News
Photo by Mom, Edits by Me

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