Sunday, 19 April 2015

Where I Get It From - Hair Edition

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

I am sure that the actual genetics/DNA of this are all off, but the following is what I consider to be my hair's inheritance from my parents:

Colour: My Dad
(Mum's hair is also brown but more of a chocolate colour. Mine has streaks of copper highlights in it, more so in the summer, that come from my dad. His brown hair was paler and when he was younger his beard had a lot of red in it.)
Texture: Both Parents
(My dad's hair was also curly, so there isn't really straight hair on either side. However the amount of curl comes more from my mom.)
Volume: My Mom
(My mom for sure. We have tons of hair.)
Thickness: My Dad
(You would think that my hair is thick, but that isn't actually true. I just have a lot of it. A lot of thin hair. Each strand is very thin.)
Aging: My Dad
(My mom always said she started to go grey in her 20s. I had escaped that and thus far have only spotted the very very occasional grey/white hair. My dad started to go grey very late, in fact when he died at the age of 59 he still had a fair amount of colour in his hair.)
Attitude: My Mom
(Both my mom and I are pretty lazy when it comes to hair. Neither of us like to put effort or product in. My dad would briefly style his in the mornings before work, while not a lot of attention it was still more than Mum and I did. The hairdryer in our house growing up was my dads - in fact I have it now, it is a nice reminder.)

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Anonymous said...

I think the term "thick hair" refers to how many strands? At least thats what I've believed my entire life!