Wednesday, 22 April 2015

36 Hours Of Stress

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Jason and my lives were thrown into chaos midday Sunday for about 36 hours of pure stress and craziness. Admittedly, this was self inflicted.

We stumbled across a beautiful loft condo for sale near my work and started to think very seriously about buying it. So seriously in fact that we decided to put an offer on it. Just as we stumbled upon the place itself, we also fell fast, head first, into the intense real estate world of the Toronto housing/condo market.

There was an offer deadline of Monday night, in preparation for multiple offers on the place. By Monday night, 13 had been submitted. The loft was listed for $449,999 and sold for $581,000 (our offer was much lower than that.)

Overall, it was an overwhelming and terrifying experience. Jason and I were very lucky to have the support of friends and family, many of whom shared their skills/knowledge with us. The encouragement was appreciated.

We are going to spend time now just researching and learning more about the market. I am keeping half and eye on lofts but we are pretty sure that we would like to have a detached or semi-detached home. A house is an even scarier endeavor and we intend to wait until we feel more financially secure and knowledgeable.

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