Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Caturday Quiz

I took a random quiz I found online: What kind of cat are you? and got the following:

You are a Maine Coon 
One can rest assured that no one will break in when you're sitting in the front yard, as not even a guard dog could be more imposing. Your self-confidence and strong personality belie the fact that you are actually very sensitive and need lots of love and attention. Yet even you would like to forget this fact one day, when you answer to the call of the great outdoor freedom.

I guess that description fits for me. I don't know about being imposing or answering the call of the great outdoors but I do have a strong personality. In general, I really like Maine Coon cats, they are massive! And so fluffy. Owning one would make me very allergic. Being one would be cool.

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