Thursday, 16 April 2015

TB - November 2006

Throwback Thursday - Scroll to the bottom of the month and read up. Or click on the earliest post in the month (to view the post and the comments) then keep clicking Newer Post until you finish the month.

It was a different time - almost 10 years ago. There are hints at the changes a decade has given us. (Not in my life, those changes are very obvious when reading these posts - I was newly single,, writing a lot of poems, working on university essays, and living the student life with roommates at Le Manoir). I mean changes in technology over the last 10 years: There was a comment from Teri in one of the posts that said, "I tried calling u earlier this week but nobody was home." A land line! There was also something about missing the start of a TV show because I didn't make it home in time, no such thing as PVR yet.

There are quite a few mentions of my dad too! A post about him saying I had a "million dollar smile" and another about him editing movies when I was a kid. Also, a comment from Mom about me renting a scooter in Portugal and Dad riding it.

Noted Post: I really like my post of questions about Leisure Time. I work now for a company that designs 'leisure environments' so spend all day connected to the industry of entertainment. Separate from my work life and on more of a personal level, I think that the thoughts I wrote back in 2006 are still relevant.


Sweeton said...

I love the poem for gramma, funny that I dont remember ever reading it before.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I used to use "u" instead of "you" on a computer. I rarely do that now in text even (I think). Haha and that I was trying to get ahold of you through your blog. Hilarious!