Thursday, 8 January 2015

Not Helpful This Time

When my mom visits she tends to try to clean my place. This is always welcome, since I hate cleaning. On one of her recent times at Rrunuv Bayit she put away some of my pants that had been out (either on a chair or the futon, or somewhere). However, one of them was a pair of jeans that had ripped a bit. I set these aside last month when it happened, thinking that I would use them as 'painting pants' (basically I have an outfit or two that I wear when painting a room or doing dirty yard work, etc.) Well, my mom put them away in the box marked 'Bottoms'  (I keep my clothes on an open bookshelf in black decorative boxes.) This morning I was having a hard time finding normal blue jeans that were clean, the only ones around were my red polka dot ones and a bright blue pair. Then I glanced in the 'Bottoms' box, saw the pair in there and threw them on.

Within 5 minutes of sitting in my chair at work this morning, I twisted in such a way that the rip stretched across the width of my thigh (in the back, right below my bum.) I wish this was a funny story, which people respond to with a, "oh man, haha, yup that sucks, we have all been there, don't worry about it, not a big deal." Then I could add it to my list of strange, slightly dumb, awkward work situations (See TAG: Dumb) but instead it became much more embarrassing (See TAG: Embarrassed) than I would have thought. The few that I told at work, along with the explanation, "I am just going to stay here, sitting in this chair, all day," were helpful, offering me various sweaters and shirts to help cover when going around the office. However, I was greeted with a lot of pity and even a comment that this should 'inspire me to get back to the gym,' all of which dampened my mood. So, I guess it ended up being more humiliating than I normally would have thought a wardrobe malfunction could be. Not my best day at the office.

And of note, I am going to ensure that I participate in any cleaning/tidying that my mom does now at my place so as to stay aware if any important items getting moved to a new place.


Sweeton said...

So sorry !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone said that! How uninformed.


Jannedals said...

oh whatever. For your information my little brother the body builder has ripped more pants from his big bum than I ever have from my thighs rubbing together. Now he can only wear lululemon fake dress pants to work.