Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Always Writing At A Wedding

I tend to write my speeches a little last minute. This doesn't mean that I don't spend time working on them, it is quite the opposite; I spend months thinking about and practicing what I am going to say, I just do it in my head. However, I also have to write it down at some point in order to remember the order, segues, and nuances of the speech. It is at that point that things get a little rushed and stressful, since I never seem to get around to writing it down and when I do, I never seem to have left enough time. (I also don't tend to be motivated until the day-of either. This is a problem if I should be helping the bride because I am their Maid of Honour, which was the case at these weddings.)

Quietly Writing While The Bride Gets Ready
The Morning of Steph and Dave's Wedding
Copyright 2012


Caught (By Steph) Frantically Writing At The Head Table
The Evening of Teri and Greg's Wedding
Copyright 2014


Anonymous said...

I believe you were also writing frantically the morning of Fristen's wedding!

Love T

Christine Sweeton said...

I will neither confirm or deny that allegation (or the possible fact that the same thing occurred at my brother's wedding) because in both of those instances I don't think there is any photographic evidence.