Friday, 19 September 2014

Both Failing

Jason and I are opposites when it comes to the appearance of our apartment: he is tidy but dirty and I am clean but messy. This basically means that for the first year we were dating, and he was living in his old apartment, his bathroom was never cleaned and just got grosser and grosser (Shelves not dusted, floors not mopped, etc.) However, it would always look so much better than mine because everything would be neatly put away and in place. I, on the other hand, gladly leave a pile of half-dirty-will-wear-one-more-time clothes at the end of the bed. Since we eat at the dining room table or couch, the kitchen table becomes a nice collection of mail, beauty products, occasionally dry goods that I didn't bother to put in the cupboard etc. In fact, I recently emptied the contents of my purse and all the things that I wanted to keep (I threw the garbage out) is sitting in the living room on the ottoman, Two keeps lying on them.

For the most part we balance each other out - I keep everything clean and he keeps things tidy. However, with the new job I have had no time to get the house up to a standard that I feel is acceptable. This week it took me three days to clean the bathroom because I did it in little 10 minute stages in the morning (Mon: Sink, tub, toilet. Tues: Medicine cabinet, mirrors, and wash bathmat over night. Wed: Sweep and mop floors.) Jason on the other hand, is also busy with work and when he isn't has been playing a new video game with his friends for 2 - 5 hours nightly, and hasn't been as keen about hanging up towels, putting away clean dishes from the dish rack, making the bed, etc. So when both of us fail at what we are good at - basically Rrunuv Bayit is slowing starting to look like it is being lived in by squatters.

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