Monday, 15 September 2014

Work Week Goals

People at my office look good. (It is a design firm, filled with interior designers, graphic artists, etc. so of course they look good.) I am just not nearly as stylish or put together. I don't dress inappropriately by any means, it is just that I don't look as good. This isn't coming from a place of sadness or despair. I also don't feel defiant to stay the way I am. I just want to learn and improve and make some gradual changes. For one thing, I never wear make-up, even though doing so makes me look so much better. I also wear my hair up too much. So, I have new goals starting this week for my appearance going to work:

Everyday, I must do one of the following:
- Wear my hair down (curly or straight)
- Put in my contacts
- Wear make-up (minimum of two items)

Also, if I am wearing jeans, than I need to do something to make the outfit a bit special (so far that has meant adding a necklace.) Dress pants, skirts, or dresses are special enough as is for the moment.

Once I get used to these small upgrades than I hope to add in more until I find it easy to look amazing everyday!


Sweeton said...

Often knowing you look good makes you feel better and more confident too.

Lindsay said...

Ugh I'm the exact same way. My office doesn't have a dress code, we are allowed to wear jeans...even sweatpants if we want. The problem is I'm applying for new jobs where that's not the case. I need to get back into the habit of putting effort into how I look. so much work...This is here.

Anonymous said...

Match a nice sweater or blouse with a pair of flats when you wear jeans. I used to do that whenever I wore jeans at work. Or a nice pair boots.

I find Old Navy has some nice clothes that are inexpensive, but well-made.

-Kristin D (in Ottawa!)