Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Tessa and I have signed up for an unlimited mouth of spinning (indoor cycling.) I am pretty sure that it is the most intense workout that I have ever had. We are going to Cykl, which is close to my work and Tessa's apartment. There are lots of different styles of spinning, or so I have read, that include combining it with yoga or super-computerized bikes that let you digitally race others. Cykl uses a special kind of bike that moves (side to side), so during classes there are turns and such. What is interesting about how hard of a workout it is, is that it is not regulated - the intensity/resistance is very personal, though guided by the instructor. Basically it is like going for a bike ride without a computer, which I don't do since I like to know how fast I am going. I didn't think I would push myself without some type of statistical feedback, even with a basic outdoor run, I can review my distance and measure my time. However, the instructors have been awesome at Cykl and the workout is amazing.

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