Monday, 25 August 2014

THE Science North

In my experience, few things stand the test of aging. What I loved as a child is often not nearly as thrilling now that I am 30. For example:
- I still enjoy The Neverending Story but could never watch it on repeat, multiple times a day.
- I like the board game Labyrinth but it isn't as suspenseful and challenging now that I am older.
- I no longer like many of the annoying repetitive songs that I did as a kid, like This is the Song that Never Ends.

However, some things do maintain their enjoyment as I age. (There is a difference between the test of time and the test of age, something can stand the test of time but still only be amusing to a certain demographic.) I love a lot of things that I did as a child. For example:
- I can still dive repeatedly in a swimming pool for items thrown in that sink to the bottom. This is like a human swimming equivalent of fetch and I could still do it for hours.
- I love candy and can eat piles of it.
And new to the list:
- No matter my age, a day is still not long enough at Science North!

On our recent camping trip, Jason and his family had to deal with a lot of rain. By the time I showed up, it wasn't raining as badly, but it was still gloomy weather. To take a break from Killbear - Jason and I took a road trip on Friday. We drove the 2 hours or so north to Sudbury and went to my favorite childhood cultural centre - Science North. I have always said it is the best science centre that I have ever been to and I have visit them all over the world, however, I hadn't actually been in over 15 years. We used to go often as a family because my uncles lived in Sudbury and then later my grandparents had a cottage near by.

Jason and I were at Science North for over 4 hours but I could have gone longer. I don't feel like we got to see everything I wanted to see, play with enough things, see enough shows, do enough. The enter place is so much fun. I love to learn and I like things to be interactive.

Side note: Jason's favourite part was when we got to pet the porcupine. He was very cute, sleeping in awkward positions and doing little excited dances when getting fed. We got to stroke his back, which felt like matted hair, they also smell really gross.

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Sweeton said...

I loved science north too. My favorite things: when the flying squirrel jumped into mike's pocket, the big keyboard you could jump on like in the movie Big, the domino table ..... oh I could go on and on. Your right, a day is not long enough.