Thursday, 5 June 2014

Turning Back The Hands Of Time

For my 30th birthday, I had asked Jason for night cream. Instead for his gift he took me to Paris. So, I am not complaining that I didn't get a tube of moisturizer.

Still, I figured it was time to start properly moisturizing on a regular basis and I had started to notice some dark spots on my cheeks, near my nose, that didn't really look like freckles, sun spots maybe? Or as beauty companies call them: age spots. I never had to deal with particularly bad acne and have always felt comfortable without make-up. I don't want aging to change this and would like to stay looking 'young.'

I decided to buy my own tube and picked out Olay Total Effects, since it was on sale and mentioned aging a lot in all its ads. It promises to fight the '7 Signs Of Aging', which according to Olay are:
- fine lines and wrinkles
- rough texture
- uneven skin tone
- dullness
- prominent pores
- age spots
- dryness
I started 'applications' of this wonder cream today and if you notice that I have "visibly younger-looking skin that looks more resilient to aging" than you will know why. (I love the constant use of the term 'look' since there are no actual scientific claims that can be made about the product.)

Personally, these are my 7 Signs Of Aging:
- The slowly increasing length of time that it takes me to get back in running shape each spring
- Caring deeply about benefit packages at potential new jobs
- Struggling to save a 25% down payment for a house
- Knowing that as each year passes children will become more difficult to conceive and carry.
- Owning multiple blazers and looking forward to upgrading my 'work wardrobe'
- Finding prices for things incredibly higher than I remember them recently being (gas, movie theaters, camp ground spaces, etc.)
- Worrying about who will look after my plants when I go away and whether they get enough water
Sadly, I don't think Olay is going to change any of these for me.


Jason Woods said...

This stuff is just plain pseudo-science! Besides,you look fantastic, no need for 'night cream'.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, made me smile!

Love, t