Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Little Lost Ginger On Caturday

Tessa is down visiting me at The Cottage for the weekend. We went out for a walk last night (Friday) and stumbled across a very distressed little cat wandering around a parking lot meowing. Tessa at with him as he got petted and rolled around adorably, Mom and I went door to door trying to find an owner. He is not a feral cat. We coaxed him into the garage and set him up with some food and a bed:

Lost Cat 
On His Bed In The Garage
Photo by Tessa on her phone

We have put up posters asking people to call us if they have lost a cat. Mom thinks he was abandoned. I hope someone claims him, or we will need to call the Humane Society on Monday. He looks like a little male version of Two!

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