Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Look Up

This has been showing up on my Facebook newsfeed a lot recently, and if you haven't watched it yet you should. I love Spoken Word poetry and this is a good one, accompanied by a slick video.

Look Up by Gary Turk
I don't totally agree, I think that technology has given us a lot. The internet can be isolating but it also has helped so many niche groups find each other across vast distances, making people feel less lonely because they knew that they are not alone in their interests, disabilities, quirks, or thoughts. When close friends move away our devices help us stay in touch and organize getting together. However, these inventions do have a habit of taking over and people use them as a crutch against raw social interaction. Have them help you, not hurt you.


Sweeton said...

Love it. But its not aimed at my generation.

Nicola Campbell said...

I disagree with the generation comment as there are plenty of generations that I have seen on my travels with their heads down gazing at a phone missing wondrous views around them. I was glad this came out as a reminder to myself that I need to put my phone down more