Monday, 5 May 2014

Come On, Comment

In the past week, there have almost 100 visits to Always Standing. I know because Google Analytics told me. This visits are from almost 50 different users. So there are a lot of you out there! However, in the past week there has only been ONE comment, it was from my mom saying that I had posted a nice picture of my dad last Sunday. I have been really good about my goal to post everyday this year, check out my stats listed in the archives to the left, 37 posts in March! I had hoped that writing more often would lead to a more dedicated and consistent readership, that would hopefully grow; without spending a lot more time on Google Analytics I can't really tell if that is happening.

However, I also hoped that it would mean more comments. I hate to complain when some people are so good (Teri, Taylor, Anne, Anna, ERin, etc.) about saying something, even if it is just a 'Hello' like Linds' and her 'This is here' that gets left sometimes. I want to coax out some of the others who stay in the shadows and rarely or never comment - who's out there? Say hello! The easiest way to do it is to use the Anonymous user to comment and then leave your name, nick name, or initial in the body of the message.

Specific call out to my boyfriend: I wish more people would engage with the site, for example I am pretty sure that Jason reads Always Standing daily, but I don't think he has ever left a comment. We live together, it would be weird to leave a comment when he could just turn and say whatever he is thinking right to me. But he never says, "Oh I read on your blog today that such and such." or "I really liked that last post." I would have no idea that he even checks if I didn't see it up sometimes on his screen.

If you are looking for something to talk about, let me know:
- How often to you visit the site?
- What do you most like to see (favorite types of posts)?
- Want me to stop doing anything or adjust something?
- Wish I would give an update about something previously mentioned?
- What do you want to hear more about / see more of?


Hezabelle said...

The first rule about comments is don't talk about comments. hahaha

I read your blog via my RSS feed, so a comment is an extra click on to your site from my feed. That's my excuse, but not a very good one.

I love you!

Nicola Campbell said...

So I too read your blog from an email and honestly just figured out how to comment or I would have sooner especially to try to motivate and encourage your blogging. I am so happy when I am at work and see that you have posted as it is an excuse to stop doing whatever I am doing and mentally go somewhere else. As to what I would like to see I would suggest a "exploring my neighborhood" blog with pictures from your walks. I have a very negative view of Toronto so I would love to see more of what makes you and Jason love it. Auntie Nicky