Friday, 9 May 2014

Yes, I Have Asked Before

Earlier this week I did a post asking for more people to comment on Always Standing. It didn't really deliver the desired effect but it did coax Heather out of viewing my posts on her RSS feed to come say something. She wrote the best line, "The first rule about comments is don't talk about comments." This was basically my mom's reaction too, "How often do you do these begging for comments posts? I have read them before." So I looked into it.

Here are all the times that I have written a specific post complaining about the lack of comments and requesting that my readership step up and start leaving more responses:
- Feb 1, 2013 : Not Fair
So it has been over a year since I last mentioned it!
- Jan 18, 2012 : The Correlation Between Hiding And Comments
This only briefly complains and is mainly about the fact that I had joined eHarmony.
- Aug 7, 2011 : Comments? 
I got 4 comments out of making this request.
- Apr 30, 2010 : A Pull For Comments
Found out that the 'pinkness' of Always Standing wasn't very well loved. Though 4 years later and the blog is still very pink.
- Jul 2, 2007 : Fishing
I love how short and to the point this post is.

So, in conclusion, it doesn't look like I did this type of post much the first 4 years of Always Standing, from 2006 to 2010. However, starting in 2010, I ask about once a year that readers comment more. I also want to note that it doesn't really work, so I should probably find a different tactic.


Anonymous said...

How about comments in exchange for cookies!? Just a thought....

Love t

Sweeton said...

Oh I like that, bribery almost always works.

Anonymous said...

Or comments in exchange for phone calls?

Love, Teri

Krissy said...

Chris, I have started reading your blog again! I've missed it. :)