Monday, 12 May 2014

First Bike Is Personal Best

Jason tuned up my bike for me this weekend and today I rode it down to Liberty Village to meet up with Tessa for lunch. Last year I recorded my times for the 7km bike, down hill, to work. I wrote the results down in my planner every time but only posted on Always Standing one other time. Today I got down there in 28 minutes! That is way better than June of last year when it was taking me 30 or more. I might be starting from a better place fitness wise - having lost 15 pounds since January - though that is from changing my diet not from working out. I used to worry about getting sweaty before work when I rode down to Liberty Village before, and that wasn't a concern today; neither was traffic. Whatever the reason I am happy that it went well and am looking forward to more bike riding this week!


Anonymous said...

Is this my first comment on your blog?? I think so!

YAY for biking :) You are awesome friend! Good work. I am looking forward to biking together this spring & summer! (and Wednesday!)


Nicola Campbell said...

Great job Chris! I have great respect for anyone who bikes and to do it in Toronto is amazing (or crazy). Nice to see profess though.