Sunday, 11 May 2014

Driving With Dad

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A post about my Dad each Sunday, named after a song that he loved.

My dad taught me how to drive. Yes, my mom helped, but she was always less comfortable in the car with me. After learning automatic, my dad also taught me to drive standard, as his Neon at the time had a manual transmission. However, I am known in my family as being a really bad driver (some of my friends think this as well.) After a while it got to the point that my parents would no longer let me drive their cars. I can't remember when but I believe that I signed a document for the insurance agency that I would not ever drive their vehicles, I don't think that contract still stands since I believe it was during a time period when I had my own car and insurance for it.

My parents got an Eos a couple of years ago and it is amazing! I like to think I had a small hand in leading them to buying it too. Dad had picked me up at the GO Train station and we were driving into Brantford to get Mom from work. We passed a used car lot and saw this red convertible sitting out front with the top down. I pointed it out and started talking to Dad about what type of car it was. We were pretty sure that we had seen that it was a VW. I knew that the 'new' Beetle came as a convertible but it wasn't that. Was it a Golf or Jetta convertible? Or something else? Or a different brand? Dad off offhandedly mentioned that we would have to drive passed it again to find out. So, when we picked up Mom I immediately started talking about this cool car we had seen but couldn't identify. (The three of us are pretty into cars, and can usually identify them without much trouble.) Since we didn't have any imminent plans, Dad decided to take us back and we drove up beside it. It was such an interesting car, that none of us had seen before that we got out to figure it out. The dealer came out and told us it was a hardtop. This confused us, since we all immediately thought of t-top style. Then he got in and pulled the switch and it was magic. They were sold, bought the car within a couple of days.

I love spots cars. However, I have never been allowed to drive the Eos. Both my parents drove it. I gather my brother drove it in Ottawa. Dad went up to spend a weekend with him sometime last year and Mike got to drive it all over the city with the top down. He said Dad just kept taking pictures and saying, "We have the best view. Who else would have a view like this?" as they drove past the parliament buildings. Dad even let Jason drive it a bit around The Point!

Summer Corn & Dad In The Vue
Photo by Me

In the same year that they got the Eos, my parents also bought The RAV, a Toyota SUV that took them forever to decide on. They were very protective of that vehicle too. They were really protective of the previous SUV as well; it was a silver Saturn Vue. One day though, out of the blue, Dad took me on a drive around Norfolk and let me drive The Vue. I was happy to spend the time with him, and get the chance to drive a new car. It was in early May 2009 and the main point of the trip was to go look at the recently installed windmills to the west of Port Rowan. I still remember that afternoon, I took some pictures (including the one above.) It is just one of the many strange little memories I have of having a great time with my dad.

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