Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Classic Caturday

Last year I posted the hilarious video of the Sad Cat Diary. One of the first things it talks about it cats seeking out black pants to sit on. A few weeks ago I had made the bed and set out my workout clothes. When I returned to the bedroom this is what I found:
Two often sits on our bed. The bed is very big and she has certain spots that she likes: the bottom of the bed, the middle, curled up on my pillow or stretched out on my side. She tends to avoid the top left side/corner that is Jason's and I have never seen her sit or sleep there. That is until I put black pants there, on an otherwise empty bed:
Seriously Two? You never sit there!


Nicola Campbell said...

Hahaha I remember Demona and Beaner both doing this which evolved into Dave and I always doing the cat hair removal process just before leaving for work.

Lindsay said...

Ugh it's like when the dogs have no interest in bugging me first thing in the morning unless I have on my "dressy" work clothes.