Thursday, 15 May 2014

TB - August 2006

Throwback Thursday - Way back when I first did the tags for Always Standing I was trying to pick the best 3 for each post. That didn't work well and now as I go through old months I am trying to update the tagging too, which means that these seemingly easy to do Throwback posts end up taking me a lot of time.

Man, did I party a lot that last month of the summer in 2006! It seems that I just threw caution to the wind and spent my time working insane hours and going out a whole bunch at night. The little trip I took to The Cottage looks like it went well too. That was SO long ago, it was the 'old' cottage back then.

Noted Post: I like the list I gave of important Moments in my life. I also like the post about finding my pink clothes, because I still remember that happening - almost 8 years later.

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