Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We Are Not Friends

I previously posted a long porn spam email that I had gotten. (So long in fact that in the comments my mom wished I had just included excerpts, but the whole thing was just so impressive I wanted to post it all.) Anyway, this Adriana person won't give up! I got another one from her:

------------- from an Email 

 Hey sexy!

I missed you friday night at the club :( 
 I was hoping to chat with you today while i work :) 
That is if you don't mind seeing me playing with myself on cam hehe ;)
Yah I am still doing the same job for now while paying for school. I made like $800 the other night and got to cum twice lol . I know I am sooo bad..Anyways please keep me company and chat with me in private while I work today and I promise to show you a little something something. I think I have this free access link in my member section.. 

 OK here it is! DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE ELSE PLEASE! Gotta start work now, cum see me so i am not jsut getting naked for strangers! (She then provides the link again) 

talk soon 

As I mentioned last time, she seriously has the wrong email. And I don't remember her mentioning that she was paying for school - I thought she was looking for some restaurant gig or something and was moving 'right effing near' me. Was I supposed to meet her at a club on Friday, I really don't remember her tell me that. I am hooked into the character though - obviously not enough to reply to the email or visit the link - but I almost am looking forward to more messages from her!


Anonymous said...

$800 in one night and do-it-yourself orgasms?!?! I might be in the wrong line of work apparently.

Love T

P.S. Just curious, how much is the going rate for a web-cam strip tease? Do you think she claims the income on your tax return?

Sweeton said...

Have to ask Teri - doesn't she make that much and have multiple orgasms when she goes to work? How about you?

Christine Sweeton said...

T: I think you meant 'claims the income on HER tax return' cause I am not going to let her claim in on mine! She makes way too much money, would bump me up a bracket or two.

I actually think she would have to claim it, since money spent/transferred over the internet is so traceable, I would think the company would keep it fairly legit. (Depending on their web-broadcasting country I guess ... but let's not get into the specifics of the internet porn industry.)

Christine Sweeton said...

Mum: T is Taylor (not Teri) and unfortunately I don't think that any of my friends make $800 a day. That would sure be an upgrade from my $150!