Monday, 22 April 2013

Money Challenge - Week 5

Time Frame: One week. Monday April 22 to Sunday April , 2013
*Transportation: No cabs, Autoshare, ZipCar, or Car2Go for a week.*
Notes: I take a lot of cabs! And have always been able to justify it, even though the logic is sketchy at best most of the time. I try to cut back often but one thing leads to another and I start taking them more then I should. Car2Go is a great option in Toronto, I can use it to just go one way and it is very affordable. However, I have a TTC Metropass and there is no reason not to use transit.  


Anonymous said...

You know I'm a fan of this part of your challenge :)


Sweeton said...

I can imagine the "logic" - I don't have to get up as early. whoops I didn't get up early so I'll be late, Its raining, Its cold, Its very windy, its so much nicer etc etc.
Actually all pretty logical but even more logical is - I have a metropass so the trip on TTC is now free.

Stephanie Beach said...

Much like Teri, you know I like this challenge. I hope you are super successful and then able to cut back on/stop using cabs in the future :)

Christine Sweeton said...

I would like to point out that the above three comments (Teri, Mom, and Steph) were all made by people who own and commute(d) via personal vehicles. Please think back before car ownership and remember the absolute pain involved in being COMPLETELY relent on public transit. Yes, I love it: it is environmentally friendly, it is very economical, but it also can be total hell.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chris, I must agree with you....even when I lived in Toronto and walked/took the ttc most places there were times when I just didn't want to take the subway down to Greg's so I would drive.