Sunday, 21 April 2013

Money Challenge - Jason's Week 5 - Update

Time Frame: One week. Monday April 15 to Sunday April 21, 2013
*Loose Change: Gather all the coins lying around the multiple locations of the apartment (desk, bedside table, bookcase, table by the front door, coin jars, etc.) and take them into a free coin counter at a Bank of Montreal.*



Anonymous said...

Mark and I are also so guilty of having a car-payment worth of loose change sitting around the house! Secretly I like to wait until our deposit spots (drawers, night stand bowls, pockets, couch corners) are bursting and then I cash in. Which means once every 5 years usually. Maybe that will be my spring cleaning chore this month.
Love T

Anonymous said...

That is awesome, Greg needs to do that asap. It drives me crazy how he leaves change lying around everywhere! I should take a cue from T and cash in on his change myself.

- Teri

Christine Sweeton said...

We could not believe how much money it ended up being!! I don't know if you noticed but that was only small change (no loonies or toonies). I would suggest it to everyone - great way to make some cash and do a bit of spring cleaning.