Friday, 11 May 2012

Too Much Twitter?

I have it set up that my Tweets get posted as Facebook updates.

After telling Teri something that she had already read about on Facebook:
Teri: "Yeah, I saw that on your Twitter. Seriously, you are filling up my Facebook with all your status updates. There are so many! Sometimes I think I am on your page looking at your wall but then realize that I'm on my home page and you have just filled it up that much."
I have to agree that hate it when people post too many Facebook status updates, however the culture for Twitter is quite different. I have actually deleted people from Facebook because I found them updating too often. Now maybe people will do that to me. These two social media sites link together easily but their social cultures are not that compatible. 


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! I will never delete you! On a side note, I rollerbladed throgh Dow's Lake park today and saw all the tulips and thought of you :D


Anonymous said...

haha I would never delete you either - your posts are at least interesting, in contrast to the people I have deleted! I don't think its too much. I'm just trying to figure out how Twitter works - maybe its time I join!