Tuesday, 15 May 2012

East Side!

Teri and I have just scraped the service of planning our July trip - but it is already getting both of us excited. We need to squeeze it into the middle of the month, between her trip with Greg to Europe and Mike & Aimee's wedding. It has turned into a road trip on the east side of the US, instead of a road trip on the west coast which would have involved a flight and rental car - trying to save some money. This is the rough outline of our route:

The main focus will be Boston and Washington - two major American cities that neither Teri nor I have been to. Both are supposed to be amazing and we will have to compare them Chicago, a city we both love.

We realized that the trip could take us through NYC and we are thinking of maybe staying there for a night. I have never been in the summer, and just love New York. It might also be good to visit The Hamptons for a day at the beach, see The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and do something in Baltimore (what do you do in Baltimore?) We also don't know the route we want to take home yet either. It can't be too long of a trip and we really are trying to keep the cost down, probably doing cheap motels on the road and hostels in the cities. Can't wait to work further on the planning; planning is one of the best parts of traveling!

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