Thursday, 10 May 2012

ANTM Live!

It was much anticipated - from advertisements online and on the TTC - and this past weekend, America's Next Top Model,  Live! Toronto finally came! For the month or two leading up to the event, despite following them on Twitter, signing up for newsletter style updates, and seriously exploring the website, neither Kristen nor I could figure out what the event was. Of course we bought tickets and went anyways.  Here is a run down of our experience :
-Because Word On The Street is part of Tourism Toronto, Kristen had a discount code so that we could save a bit of money on tickets.
-Given two options we paid a bit more for the VIP admission over the regular one
-Part of the appeal of the VIP admission was a swag bag, which according to the website, was to include a Pandora bracelet. Upon arrival at the event we discovered that this was an error on the part of the event company through a misunderstanding with the company.
-In general the event was not run very well. They had multiple stages but none of the scheduled shows ran on time, with one exception - the Main Stage show.
-The Main Stage show was awesome!! There were dancers that were incredible and a bunch of the contestants from the ANTM All-Stars season.
-Kristen bought sandals and I got a hair straightener - both were so much cheaper than having bought them out in the 'real world'
-We actually met some of the ANTM All-Stars and got their autographs. Kristen took some pictures so that we could send them to Taylor and her sister - who also watch the show.
-Browsed a lot of jewelry.
-It was determined that it was like a festival, trade-show, thing. Basically Word On The Street but for models.
We hope to go again next time it is in town - even though we don't fully understand the event.

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