Monday, 7 May 2012

J Got Off The Pot

It was a really busy weekend! Many things happened over the last couple of days. Sadly, one of them was that on Sunday afternoon J broke up with me. It was quite sudden and I did not see it coming. I feel like it was a brave move on his part. I think there were some good things about us as a couple but we were far from being a perfect match. I am finding myself glad that he had the strength to note this and end things. While I enjoyed J alot, I had been struggling to picture how we were going to work long term - a worry that I tended to ignore. I don't know if he worried about that as well, but more importantly the present wasn't working for him. As always, it is a bit sad when things like this are over, but I'm resilient and find myself taking it all in stride.

After the breakup I noticed that it had occurred just one day before our 'official' 3 month anniversary. I felt like I knew that was an important milestone. I now struggle to find any statistics to back that feeling up. For example, I know at one point I saw a chart of divorce rates by length of marriage and there were real spikes at certain times, like 7 years, or 11 or something, and then around the point when children would have left the home but again I can't find any of that information now either. Well, I think I have determined that my feelings around the relevance of 3 months of dating comes from the movie Waiting with Ryan Reynolds:
Monty: What's going on with you and Amy? So how long have you two been...
Dean: Three months.
Monty: Shit or get off the pot time. Are you gonna talk to her or hope you're never forced to make an actual decision? 
Dean: I'm going with option "B". 
Monty: That's my boy. 
In the movie the situation is a little different, I think they had been dating for three months and needed to decide it they were going to make the move to being 'boyfriend and girlfriend' or something. Basically I need to stop basing my relationship knowledge on low-budget comedies from 2005, no matter how hot the lead actor is. (See image.) Live and learn. Live and learn.


Anonymous said...

Learning from personal experience rather than movies (even with hot guys, whew yes!) is a good plan.
Love Mum

Lindsay said...

This is here.

I'm sorry Chris. However I must say I have a friend who vases her relationships on movies and tv and let's just say she has only ever had one 'serious' relationship.