Monday, 12 March 2012

A Farewell In Photos

The Toy's final moments...
(A 1997 pale purple Toyota Corolla. Bought new by my Grandma. Later owned and driven alternating between my father and I. Made it until over 308,000km before my latest accident took too much of a toll. The repair costs were too high so I had to let it die. Sold for parts to a towing company.)

I Did The Front Ones!
Noah helping me take off the plates from the back
before the tow truck came
to haul The Toy away for parts.

The Worst Of The Two Smashed Headlights
Even though this headlight is totally smashed,
it still worked, right to the end.

Strange Square Chunk
Why is there a strange square chunk
missing from the bumper? You ask,
just as Kristen did. Well, that is where
the trailer hitch from the Range Rover hit.

Me, Sad To Be Again Without A Car
Goodbye to The Toy
You were loved...


Anonymous said...

We are sad too to see him/her go. Rest in pieces little Toy.

Anonymous said...

Those Range Rovers are beasts!! Poor old Toy :(


Anonymous said...

This is very sad Chris! That pale purple was unique on the road and I don't think auto makers will ever bring it back.... R.I.P "Toy".

Love T