Saturday, 3 March 2012

In The Last Moments Of February

So, as I have written about before, February sucks for me. On Leap Day, a day that everyone was all excited about, I felt differently; Leap Day just means that for one in every four years my worst month gets a day longer. Ironically, in the final hours of February 29th - I got in car accident.

No one hurt - everyone is fine. Also, in terms of the feel of the bump it wasn't even as rough as when breaking too suddenly, it happened very slowly.

It had been raining/snowing/hailing in Toronto for a few days. Driving home I was coming up Bathurst instead of Dufferin because I had gone to get my hair cut. Anyway, Bathurst has street car tracks. Because of the width of the wheels and how far apart they are, The Toy fits perfectly in the tracks. I avoid driving with the wheels in the tracks because I find it annoying, also because once it has fallen in I have to pull the wheel really hard to the side to get out again and it feels unsafe to do that.

Anyway, driving along Bathurst, I was going maybe 20 - 40 km/h, and an SUV stopped in front of me. I hadn't realised but I was in line with the tracks. When they are wet there is NO traction! I started to break with plenty of time and from a far distance back, but I slide along the tracks, for what felt like forever, and rear-ended the SUV. It felt like it happened in slow motion. I did try to turn the wheel to get out of the tracks and avoid the hit, but was stuck. This was especially upsetting because both the right-hand lane and the other side of the road where empty. I could see safe places to go but yanking the wheel didn't get me out and the breaks were doing nothing. It was a very frustrating and upsetting experience.

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