Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Toy Is A Tank

Even though The Toy is a tank, it is not as much of a tank as a Range Rover. When I rear-ended this mammoth SUV (see Previous Post) - the front of The Toy just crumpled. But strangely it still works... not only does it run but it sounds the same as before, there are no new noises. The windshield wipers still go, the heating and air conditioning might even still function - I haven't checked though. Even though both headlights are insanely smashed, they both still work!

I love The Toy. But, the mechanic said that it would cost between $3,000 to $3,200 to fix. He banged down the bent hood (for no cost), which is protecting the previously exposed engine while I figure out what I'm going to do about this. I have thought it over and of course I won't be paying to fix it. I don't have that type of money and if I did I should use it towards a newer car sometime in the future.

Once Kristen, Noah, and J saw it they all said it didn't look nearly as bad as they thought it would (this is because the hood got bent back down). I did one last short drive down the street to The Goodwill Thursday night. Last week, J and I had filled the trunk with things from Rrunuv Bayit that Kristen and I were donating, some of which was heavy. As a final goodbye to The Toy Kristen, Noah and I drove to empty the trunk at The Goodwill that is a block away.

Kristen and Noah said that they saw a little smoke coming out of one of the sides when the engine was first turned on. Anyway, it would be much easier to say goodbye if it sounded terrible when I drove it, or things didn't work. I only spoke with the mechanic on the phone but I am going to go in see him to discuss how safe it is to drive - I don't want it to blow up. I might keep it for small trips like going for groceries or to work. It is hard to say goodbye.

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