Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fine, I Will Do Edits

I am still a bit bummed that I don't love the photos I took in Africa. Especially as Mom has some amazing pictures already posted up on her blog. Jason has great shots too, but since I only had the camera for one day I didn't do so well. (I didn't want to the camera on all those other days. It is just after the fact  that I realized I like the small feeling of prestige that comes from taking good photos.) On one last ditch effort to get something decent out of the pictures I took I decided to put in the, very minimal, work to do some edits. Just basic cropping really, to better frame the image. Here is another attempt:

In The Gaze Of An Elephant
Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa
Photo and Edits by Me


Sweeton said...

Oh, he' lovely!

Sweeton said...

Oops. He's lovely