Monday, 18 July 2016

Please Sponsor Jason!!

Last month, Jason's family received some devastating news. One of his nephews, Isaac (see photo), has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Since it is so early there are still many unknowns, but what is for sure is that finding a cure for this degenerative muscle disorder is a cause worthy of support.

This coming Saturday, Jason, and his sister Meg, will be participating in Max's Big Climb to raise money towards Jesse's Journey which funds research.

For the past week Jason has been insisting that I have no concept of how hard it is going to be to bike up a 8% grade on a hill - "Don't you just shift to a lower gear, I will be fine". Jason thinks that he may not finish the climb because it is just that challenging. After watching the video of someone doing it, I agreed and won't be biking at the event this year. But I want to help Jason raise more money through his efforts to make it to the top of Sydemham Hill.

Please support Jason and help 'defeat Duchenne.' Sponsor his climb HERE.

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Meghan van Asseldonk said...

There is a guy planning on doing the hill on a unicycle!!!