Sunday, 17 July 2016

BBQ Before & After

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down - A Sunday post about my Dad, named after a song that he loved.

Housewarming Gift - A New BBQ
Back porch of Casa Verde

Jason and I used the gift cards from our housewarming towards a new BBQ. We had planned to wait until the end of the season to buy it but were really impressed with the value for this one at Home Depo today. It is actually the same brand as our old one - "Broil Mate."

The old one was a well loved BBQ brought up to Toronto on the trailer by Mom and Dad when Jason moved into Rrunuv Bayit with me. I think they had just replaced it with a newer one. My Dad was usually the one to cook on it and he wasn't great - a lot of burnt burgers and steaks growing up. (Possibly why I like my food "well done.")

Our new one is the model that is one up from the one we have been using. We saw the new version of that model and decided to upgrade, because it wasn't that much of a price difference to get 4 instead of 3 burners, bigger cooking space, better grill metal, and the side cooking element.

Dad would be very proud of the discounts we got, though we weren't really trying to get them. It is the floor model so there was that, then we wanted to rent a van and they were all out so we had to wait so there was that, and then it ended up missing a part so there was that, and it was already a good price!

I miss those burnt burgers. I wish my Dad could come see the new BBQ, use it with Jason, share his opinion on it. Hang out in the backyard with our little patio and cherry tree.

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Sweeton said...

He did love the bbq. Unfortunately he thought you could cut the grass and bbq the steaks at the same time.
He would have loved hanging with Jason while he cooked. Talking (always!) and having a beer. He would have also enjoyed that you have a cherry tree as it would have given him an excuse to shout at the birds eating the fruit, just like in Paris.