Monday, 25 July 2016

Go Jason Go

Jason and Meg were awesome Saturday morning doing Max's Big Climb in Dundas. Jason made it up the hill in 3 minutes and 39 seconds the first time and 3 minutes 52 on the second time (yes, they had to do it twice.) I am definitely going to try it next year.

Most of the participants were very serious racers so Jason and Meg didn't place but they did get prizes for raising the most money. I would like to thank you my friends and family for donating, including:
- Mom
- Aunty Nicky
- Rob
- Kristen
- Laura
- Teri (who pledged Meg)

We got to meet Max, and his family, at the event. His father spoke and handed out the ribbons. They made the decision a few years ago to use biking to raise money and donate it to an already well established charity fighting to defeat Duchennes - Jesse's Journey.

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