Saturday, 9 July 2016

Basement Before & After - Open Up!

Since the final completion photo of this Before and After features Two, I am posting it on Caturday.

I think this is my favourite Before and After comparison, opening up the living area in the basement at Casa Verde was one of our main goals. Originally, at the bottom of the stairs was a small table and thin hallway - the rest of the space was 'wall-ed' off for the utility room and laundry machines. There was then a door (which you can see someone walking through on the right-side of the top photo) into this dark cluttered central space:
Casa Verde Basement - North Brick Column
House Inspection to Final Completion

By taking out that door and moving the utility room wall WAY over we were able to completely open up the front (north) part of the basement and provide a small living area. The bathroom door frame stayed in through the entire demolition and re-build - we then put the same door back into the frame afterwards. (All other doors in the space were replaced.)

The brick column also didn't move, since it holds up the house! But we did clean it, seal it, and paint it. If you have a keen eye you can see the three new tiles that the contractor installed for us because we knocked down a wall that had previously been part of the bathroom. (Jason and I tried to find matching tiles but we didn't quite get them right.) Also, the floor that looks like hardwood is actually a vinyl sheet, everyone really likes it. We painted using the same colours as upstairs, the living area in the basement is the same as our master bedroom upstairs.

We are so happy with the space and this is one of the best picture to show the amazing transformation.

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Sweeton said...

I love the before and after shots. This looks fabulous!