Thursday, 5 May 2016

Flat Surface?

So, Two isn't allowed on "flat surfaces" which basically covers tables (coffee, kitchen, dining room), counters (bathroom and kitchen), bookcases/shelves, and dressers. She can walk across and hang out on soft things like beds, couches, and the ottoman, also chairs even though they are flat they are an exception. We need to reinstate and reinforce the rules now we are in Casa Verde.

Is The Mantel A Flat Surface? Two Doesn't Think So
Casa Verde, May 2016
Photo by ME

Also, check out my beige living room and 'new crown molding.' I didn't know which part of that to put the irony/sarcasm quotes around, since we faked the look. I am super proud of how it turned out, it almost fools the eye, and even if it doesn't, as Mom said, "It looks fancier."


Sweeton said...

She's looking quite at home.

Stephanie Koning said...

But she looks so cute up there...a perfect addition to your mantel that is soft and fluffy (and slightly eveil)

Unknown said...

She loves mantels! She also likes to lie on top of our very tall TV console.